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    9 Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas to Ease Your Worries

    9 Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas to Ease Your Worries
    A wedding is a happy event for the couple, family, and friends. It can be tricky finding the perfect gift that the newly married couple will treasure forever. Consider personalized wedding gift that people will cherish for a lifetime. In 2016, The Knot, a wedding planning website, found that wedding guests spent an average of $118 on a gift. This estimate can be higher or lower, depending on where you’re attending the wedding and how close you are to the couple. Of course, you should only spend what you can afford. A good rule of thumb is spending no less than $50 Personalized gifts, such as personalized keychains or even custom bookmarks, can elevate your wedding gift and make that special couple feel especially loved. The perfect wedding gift is thoughtful, can help the newlywed couple commemorate their special day, and is practical as they start their new life together. Here’s our list of the nine best, personalized wedding gifts for a variety of budgets:

    1. A Custom Cutting Board

    An engraved cutting board is a classic personalized wedding gift that will be used over and over again. As your friends break in their new kitchen with plenty of home-cooked meals, they won’t forget their beautiful, practical gift each time they are hosting a party or small get together with friends. There are several different sizes and styles to choose from to fully customize your cutting board. For example, you can select a rectangular-shaped walnut board with a juice groove, an arched maple board with rounded edges, or even a circular-shaped bamboo board.  Personalized Cutting Board, $26.95,

    2. A Handy Tote as Personalized Wedding Gift 

    After the wedding celebrations come to an end, the newlyweds will have a lot of work to start their new life together. This work includes tasks like grocery shopping or quick trips to the pharmacy. A personalized tote bag is the perfect solution for these little excursions. This custom printed tote is made from 100% cotton canvas material, has a dual self-fabric system that makes it easy to carry over your shoulder, and is machine washable. With three color options of off-white, red, and blue, there’s something for every couple.  Plus, with a fast print turnaround in as little as four business days, this makes a great last-minute personalized wedding gift. Consider gifting a few bags to hold more groceries if you know that a couple likes to cook. Beautiful Custom Printed Tote Bags, $17.99,

    3. Personalized Wedding Gift Mugs

    The most appreciated gifts are usually the ones that are used the most. For coffee lovers or for those that love to have a warm drink on a cold day, these couple’s mugs make an excellent gift. Your newlyweds can sit together each morning and enjoy their favorite brew as the new Mr. and Mrs. These custom mugs are made of ceramic and can hold up to 10 fluid ounces. You can even add coasters for an extra touch. Personalized Mr. And Mrs. Mugs, $24.81,

    4. Leather Catchall Tray

    Consider a unique, personalized wedding gift that represents the couple’s new life together. This handmade, genuine leather catchall tray is perfect for holding rings, keys, and watches. The larger size can hold sunglasses and even cellphones, too. Most important, this custom wedding gift gives you the option to engrave the couple’s initials and wedding date. You can choose from three different colors: cognac brown, natural, and scarlet red. Like marriage, the hand-dyed leather only gets better with time. Leather Personalized Catchall Tray, $99,

    5. Custom Picture Puzzles as Personalized Wedding Gift

    The bride and groom need to plan many details for their wedding day. Consider helping them by gifting a personalized wedding gift that they can give out to their guests as wedding favors. This thoughtful gift can make that special day memorable for everyone. Guests can take home a thick, durable jigsaw puzzle with a custom image of the bride and groom.  If the couple are avid readers, they may prefer personalized bookmarks. On the other hand, for a gift that every guest will love, a custom keychain may be the right touch. Custom Printing Puzzles, Starting at $135.20,

    6. A Custom Picture Frame

    After months of planning, a couple’s wedding day seems to fly by. Why not give the new couple a beautiful frame to help them remember one of the many special moments during the celebration? This personalized wedding picture frame lets you include special dates in the couple’s life, such as the day they met, got engaged, and the wedding day. The frames are laser engraved and hand-painted, with six colors to choose from: natural wood, white, light pink, light gray, navy, and black. Don’t forget to fill the picture frame with a photo that you took, perhaps one that the couple likely doesn’t have or hasn’t seen yet.  Wedding Picture Frame, $29.99,

    7. A Personalized Pushpin World Map

    Newlyweds are starting their new life together and beginning to make a lifetime of memories! They have decades of travel, experience, and adventure ahead of them. One fun way to catalog these treks across the globe is with this pushpin world map. With every new trip, your friends or loved ones can add a pin to show where they’ve been. This map is 20 inches by 26 inches and is made from foamboard and Cumala wood. It also comes with 100 pushpins to get started. Personalized Pushpin World Map, $149,

    8. A Plush Blanket

    Why not give the new couple another reason to snuggle up together with a comfy plush blanket? This personalized wedding gift lets you add a personal message. The first line can hold up to 22 characters, while the second line can hold up to 16 characters. This blanket is the perfect size, measuring 50 inches by 60 inches. There will be plenty of room for cuddling on the couch and streaming their favorite shows. Our Home Sweet Home Plush Blanket, $59.99,

    9. A Tumbling Tower

    Give the newlyweds a fun game to play when they entertain people with this giant tumbling tower. You can play this giant game indoors or outdoors. This personalized wedding gifts for couple comes with a sturdy carrying sack for when you’re not using it or for when you are wanting to bring it to your next game night with friends. Each block is about the size of a chalkboard eraser and can be personalized with the names of the bride and groom as well as their wedding date. Personalized Giant Tumble Tower, $165,

    Final Thoughts

    Unique, personalized wedding gifts are thoughtful and will be treasured forever. As the newlywed couple starts their new life together, they’ll always remember their special day and the role that friends and family played. For more wedding gift ideas and inspiration, take a look at 4OVER4. Personalization can elevate some of the simplest gifts. Our dedicated customer service team can help execute your vision.