7 Unique Standard Sticker Designs to Make Your Message Stick

It's 2020 and stickers could not be more relevant especially with all that is going on in the world. Standard sticker can be used to spread any message effectively.

The demand for standard sticker

 Covid-19 has raised the demand for standard sticker designs which have been used to spread awareness and remind people to sanitize while keeping the distance. Politics is another high sticker demand industry with standard political campaign stickers and a voted stickers taking center stage. Some of the latest statistics indicate that the niche for stickers is only going to grow as the demand has been increasing over the years in the US and the globe. Technavio's latest market research report predicts the global warning labels and stickers market will surpass revenues worth USD 10 billion by 2020, posting a moderate growth rate over the next four years. The following are some of the best smart sticker designs:

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