Campaign and Political Stickers


Standard Campaign & Political Stickers

  • 3 Label Types (Uncoated, Semi-Gloss, Hi-Gloss)
  • Over 50 Rectangles, Squares, Circles & Ovals
  • Come Die-Cut on Sheets, not as Individual Pieces
  • Low 25 Minimums
  • Ready in 0 to 5 days
Starting at $ 19

Premium Campaign & Political Stickers

  • Over 25 Label Types Available
  • Any Size from 2" x 2" to 11" x 17" in 1/4" increments
  • Come Cut to Size as Individual Stickers
  • Low 25 Minimums
  • Ready in 0 to 5 Days!
Starting at $ 25

Use Campaign and Political Stickers Printing to Boost Awareness


Want to show your support for your favorite presidential candidate, local government official or inspirational leader? Make your political message resonate with our Campaign and Political Stickers. Maximize your political party or candidate exposure by handing out these marketing pieces and sticking them on your stationery, water bottles, mailboxes, notebooks, and any items that allow you to display your campaign endorsement.

Political stickers are powerful advertising tools that get your message out with little time, effort and money. Our high-quality stickers are durable, waterproof and look great on any item. With these easy-to-distribute materials, you can reach many supporters without going over budget.

Why Custom Political Stickers?

These affordable custom pieces allow you to build awareness for your campaign and increase your candidate visibility. Political stickers are extremely versatile and can be applied on a variety of items. You can better educate voters, increase exposure, reward supporters, and even encourage people to change their political views.

Why 4OVER4?

Political labels from 4OVER4 are an inexpensive way to get your name out at your next political campaign rally or event. We know how stressful and busy it is to run a political campaign, so we make it easy to order what you need online in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is upload your image or unique design, choose your specifications and we'll take care of the rest.

With over 20 high quality paper stocks to choose from with free online proofs, you can order custom printed labels for your political campaigns. At minimums of only 25, you get professional quality stickers at truly competitive prices. Simply choose from one of our three varieties:

Standard Campaign & Political Stickers - Great option for tight budgets with prices starting as low as $19. They are printed on standard uncoated label, standard semi-gloss label or standard high-gloss label. Available in a range of sizes and low minimums of 25. Same-day turnaround option available.

Premium Campaign & Political Stickers - Printed on a variety of over 20 paper types. They come in 6 popular sizes as well as custom sizes. Available options include rounded corners, same-day turnaround and free online proofs.

Roll Campaign & Political Stickers - Choose from three paper types: White Gloss, White BOPP and Clear BOPP. We offer optional gloss lamination or matte/silk lamination. Multiple sizes available at minimums of 100 pieces. They come in 4 unwind positions and can be ready in 6 business days.

We offer superior quality paper stocks, multiple sizes and custom options that make your political stickers look professional. Our passion for print has helped us build a strong reputation in our industry. We strive to offer dynamic print products, groundbreaking materials and unparalleled customer experience. Have questions?

At 4OVER4.COM, we have a dedicated team of printing specialists who are available to answer all your questions. Call 718-932-2700 or email us at to get started. We look forward to working with you!