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    20 Hand Lettering Examples to Inspire Your Own + TUTORIAL

    20 Hand Lettering Examples to Inspire Your Own + TUTORIAL
    Hand lettering is an alluring art form that adds personality and style to any design.  Each letterform is given structure, emphasis and life, making a simple sentence become a story. This super easy tutorial guides you through the basics of hand lettering, with useful tips and even a DIY guide to take your project digital and ready to print. MadeByMarzipan has a long list of fantastic, short and amateur/pro friendly tutorials to take you further. To start, watch this one and then scroll down for ideas with these 20 hand lettering examples for inspiration. Enjoy! 1. Solid lettering in gold. Project shared by creative designer Wells on Hand lettering-1 2. Hand lettered Walt Disney quote by Etsy Artist. Hand lettering2 3.  Motivating hand lettering by Hos. Hand lettering3 4. Hand lettering original artwork. Hand_lettering_4 5. Hand lettering announcing a weekly deal promotion. Project by Franklin Mill. hand_lettering_5 6. Project by Matt Vergotis. hand-lettering-6 7. Christmas hand lettering greeting for the holidays. Project by Anne Passchier. hand_lettering_7 8. Elegant hand lettering design. Project by Shrenik Ganatra. Hand lettering8 9. Hand lettered wall Installation. Exceptionally inspiring idea for a productive work atmosphere. hand_lettering_9 10. Chalk hand lettering work. Project by Chris Yoon. hand_lettering_10 11. Gorgeous hand lettering and illustration. hand-lettering_11 12. Chipotle’s packaging. A successful hand-lettering-style design for promotional purposes. hand_lettering_12 13. Hand lettered wedding invitation. Project by Meagan Chartier. An example of a great way to make invitations achieve a classy and whimisical look. hand-lettering_13 14. Smooth and curved hand lettering. Project shared by José. hand-lettering_14 15. Attractive window hand lettering illustration. Project by Ashley Willerton. hand-lettering_15 16. Hand lettered birthday card with great combination of colors. hand-lettering_16 17. Terrific logo. Project by Tim Delger. hand-lettering_17 18. Customized Hand lettered wine labels. Project by Simon Frouws. hand-lettering_18 19.  Excellent hand lettering that truly inspires. Project by Wells. hand-lettering_19 20. Remarkable hand lettered artwork. Project by Ian Barnard. hand-lettering_20