10 Cool Father’s Day Gifts Ideas Under $50

  • BY Emma Davis
  • Jun 9, 2015
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10 Cool Father’s Day Gifts Ideas Under $50
Father’s Day brings up memories in the most profound way for some of us. Do you remember when you father used to help with homework? Did your father teach you to drive? There are countless memories that may cross your mind when you think of one the most important men in your life. The “I love you dad” can be expressed in a myriad of ways; from helping him get his work done to planning a special dinner for him, everything’s allowed for the old man! You would love to give him a dream vacation in Hawaii or a really cool sports car, but this year you’re a little strapped for cash. Your task is to find a meaningful gift at an inexpensive price. The ideal gift is the one that surprises him and shows him how well you know him. To help you, we have put together this list of our 10 favorite father’s day gifts under $50 dollars:
1. Personalized Keychain
father-day-gift-idea They have a simple look, but are a highly convenient and clever gift. A new keychain always comes in handy, especially when received from a loved one.  You can go for a metal engraved one like these on etsy, or get a custom printed acrylic one. If you get an acrylic one, you can immortalize one of the most precious pictures of Daddy-daughter/son duo enjoying each other's company, baby pictures and also a special design with an inside joke. Apart from being highly attractive,keychains are also durable and you can choose different art for each side. Since those come in small 25 bundles they make great giveaways for companies and small businesses.
2. Bookends
fathers-day-gift-idea If your father is one of those people who can’t live without books, you may consider getting him a set of bookends. Go for creative and modern bookends designs such as steel men, a bike shape, fishbowls, vinyl records, keyboard symbols, high five hands, and more amazing ideas. Bookends are not only clever and functional; they are also home decor items. Decorative bookends can compliment the look of your father’s office, library or room. Your father can keep his favorite collection right where he can admire it. Costs vary depending on the design, but there is something for everyone.For example, check out these recycled record bookends at only $40.00 dollars. They look pretty cool for the price!
3. Customized Calendar    
fathers-day-gift-idea-3 Create a personalized calendar for your dad_  Choose twelve of your shared memories together, his favorite places, beautiful cities or peaceful landscapes he dreams of visiting. A nice-looking calendar will brighten his office or study. We really liked this cheeky idea: a personalized calendar with gift card holder. Starting at $25! A personalized calendar will serve as a reminder of your love every day of the year.  If you’re looking for more than one calendar, perhaps for a father’s day gift at a big family reunion, as a keepsake or souvenir for employees or clients, then check out our calendars.
4. Whiskey Stones  
fathers-day-gift-idea-4 Andrew Hellman designed innovative soapstone cubes to chill Whiskey without diluting it. After deep research, Hellman came up with the idea of using natural soapstone to chill drinks without scratching the glass. What a genius idea! Whereas ice can ruin whiskey’s flavor, whiskey stones are a classy item to keep its perfect temperature.  Now, dad can have a whiskey ¨on the rocks¨- literarily. You can purchase a set of whiskey stones for $34.00 dollars.
5. Personalized Fishing Lure
fathers-day-gift-ideas-6 A father and child fishing is a global icon of parental bonding. If your father taught you how to fish, a personalized fishing lure is a great gift for him. Lures make a great Father’s Day gift for any outdoorsman. Best of all, you can personalize your lure; you only can stamp a few words due to its reduced space, but it can give it a truly unique touch. Keep your text short and sweet. You can choose the model you prefer on Etsy. Prices start as low as $25.
6. Shaving Set

If you are trying to find a useful gift for your father, look no further. A shaving set is practical. Plastic shaving sets don’t cost a fortune; you can get one on Amazon for $22,95 dollars. Typically, shaving sets include a razor, shaving brush, soap bowl, mirror and a stand. Contrary to modern shaving methods, there are various shaving sets that offer a ¨classic¨ shaving experience. Isn’t it cool?

7. Phone Holder  
fathers-day-gifts-idea-7 Some Dads love nature, others love to cook and others are football fans. In today’s technological era, you also have to think about gadget-crazed, geek Dads. Technology is often expensive; however, you can get an item to help him keep his devices handy, safe and secure; just like a phone holder. Phone holders help people keep their mobile at hand and ready for scrolling with style. These elegant wooden phone holders are unintrusive and will look great on any modern office or studio Apart from wood, you can find multiple materials and shapes
8.Money Clip
fathers-day-gift-idea-9 Money clips are an amazing gift idea. Money clips come in several designs and materials. The key point is that the one you choose holds money securely. To make your gift even more special, customize it with a word, phrase or initial. Money clips are thoughtful gifts for your loved one. On Esty you can personalize money clips like this one from $25
9. Cup Holder for Bike   
fathers-day-gifts-10 If your father enjoys coffee more than anything, a cup holder is a creative father Day gift. It definitely breaks the mold! If your father enjoys riding his bicycle and he wants to take out his coffee just the way he does when he drives his car, get him a cup holder that is easy to clip on and off the bike. Aside from its clean and pleasing design, you can flip the cup holder over to fit different sized cups. A Swedish company created this accessory. There are stylish cup holders in different colors (check them out here).
10. Bluetooth Tracking Tag   
fathers-day-gift-10 Does your father seem to be playing hide and seek every morning? Yes, he keeps forgetting the last place where he left his keys. He has a million things to take care of, don’t blame him. Instead, get him a tracking tag. It is a quick alternative to avoid wasting time and effort looking for the keys. You can get a combo! Get your father a customized keychain and a tracking tag. Smart, don't you think so? It is not expensive, costs only $ 40 dollars. Check it out by clicking here. Forget the typical father’s day gifts- a wallet, knife, watch, tie, fragrance or hammer…those days are gone! Get off the beaten path this year. Your main purpose is to show him some love, so give him something he will cherish! We hope these cool father day’s gift ideas help you get him something really cool this year. Image courtesy from: https://www.behance.net/gallery/10276595/Illustration_Fathers-Day-Card. By Dita Chang Attached, see comment #3