Vehicle Magnets
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Vehicle Magnets Turn Vehicles into Instant Billboards for Your Brand

Small business owner trying to expand your business brand? There's no better way than with custom printed vehicle magnets from 4OVER.COM! That's right, car magnets are is the most powerful marketing tool to advertise your business! On average, a driver travels around 36 miles per day - there are lots of potential customers on the road! As we keep depending on vehicles to get us from place to place, what better way to advertise than through magnetic vehicle signs?

Magnetic printing is an excellent strategy that can benefit and increase awareness of your company. Research shows that advertising with a vehicle magnet impacts well over 60,000 people daily. Advertising with vehicles reaches more people than radio, TV or billboards. It's imperative to turn your drive into an opportunity! Whether you're a retailer, realtor, restaurant owner, contractor or plumber, you can outshine the competition with high-impact magnets.

4OVER4.COM offers the highest quality 30mil magnet finished with elegant rounded corners and luxurious high gloss UV coating for a shiny look. Whether you're trying to promote a sales offer, promote a business launch or build your brand, you should express it on custom magnetic vehicle signs. They're removable and reusable! Start personalizing your car, van or truck NOW!

Benefits of Using this Tool to Promote Your Business

Magnetic vehicle signs are everywhere, reputably spreading the name of small to medium-sized businesses as they dart from one end of town to another. One of the most cost-effective advertising strategies out there, these portable signs let you to advertise your company across larger distances without paying the high fees of running a newspaper, radio or TV ad. Let's take a look at the benefits of using magnetic signs to effectively promote your business:

  • They Establish a Business Presence - Establishing a business presence is pivotal for driving sales. Consumers will recommend a brand they trust and know when it's time to make a purchase. Advertising with vehicle signs builds brand trust among prospects. Because car signs allow your logo and brand name to become a common sight within your city, you instantly become credible as it's seen and known by more people.
  • They're Budget Friendly - We're fully aware that the more affordable the outdoor advertising medium is, the higher the return that can be expected. Since magnetic car signs are budget friendly and don't require monthly upkeep, they're the preferred choice for small businesses on a tight budget.
  • They Cover More Ground - Business big and small rely on car magnets to promote their brand name over large distances. This dynamic advertising medium moves their brand name effectively around town. While stationary signage like banners and sidewalk signs are often limited to one specific location, car signs are exposed to the public during traffic, when making a delivery or commuting back to work.

Business Uses

Personalized vehicle magnets are commonly used by businesses, regardless of industry, to:

  • Promote your business
  • Promote business launches
  • Announce new products
  • Advertise your brand
  • Announce sales
  • Reinforce brand awareness
  • Advertise promotional campaigns
  • Sell homes
  • Advertise your new new menu
  • Advertise seasonal sales

Not Just For Business

Magnetic vehicle signs are not just for business - they're incredibly-versatile! Use them to celebrate a team victory, birth or anniversary. Create custom magnetic signs for vehicles that say "proud soccer mom" or "new baby on board". 4OVER4.COM's magnetic signs are also a valuable promotional tool for nonprofits and schools.

Promote an upcoming school production of a Broadway show or annual spring festival. Nonprofits can use custom vehicle magnets to spread awareness about a meaningful cause or raise funds. There are endless possibilities!

Fun Facts

Ever wondered why vehicle graphics were invented and where they came from? Wonder no more! These facts will amaze you!

  • Did You Know, according to The Library of Congress, modern vehicle graphics trace back to the 19th century? Back then, products and services were hand-painted on rail cars and horse drawn carts all over the world. Wow! That's nearly two centuries ago!
  • Did You Know, according to The Library of Congress, locomotives traveled America from coast to coast in the 1880's? Advertising on these moving billboards helped bring recognition to great brands such as Sears & Roebuck, Standard Oil, Ford and Kellogg
  • Did You Know, according to Hot Rod, a new trend began with vehicle graphics by the late 1940's? Not only were businesses advertising their locations and wares, but promotions and events were also being marketed on vehicles.

We Put the Creativity in Your Hands

We put the creativity in your own hands and let you design your own magnetic sign. Just let your imagination run wild! Whether you're a retail store owner trying to promote a sales offer while on the go, a business owner looking to build brand recognition or a real estate agent trying to sell a home, customize your personalized vehicle magnets to a T with 4OVER4.COM's extensive options listed below:

  • Printed on 30mil Magnet with a luxurious high gloss UV coating.
  • Choose from nearly 20 standard sizes.
  • Optional rounded corners for a softer look.
  • Minimums as low as 2 prints.
  • Free online proof to ensure you'll love them.
  • Ready in 0 to 4 business days!!

Buy More Magnets, Save a Load

With low minimums of 2 prints 4OVER4.COM's magnets are a viable option for everything from startups to large corporations. Stock up, build a collection of differently-designed magnetic signs and don't worry about running out. You'll save a load! To place an order, use our Instant Price Calculator and upload your design file onto our site. Once you approve the free online proof, your project will go to print. You'll have flawless vehicle graphics in no time!

Before you place your order, keep in mind that 4OVER4.COM's coveted Souvenirs and Giveaways collection offers a wide array of exclusive items. Below you'll find a chart that will help you easily compare vehicle magnets with other styles:

Vehicle Magnets Mouse Pads Magnets
Size 18 standard sizes 1 standard size 4 standard sizes and custom sizes
Material 30mil Magnet Mousepad 17pt Indoor Magnet
Turnaround Time 0 to 4 business days 0 to 5 business days 0 to 5 business days
Min and Max Quantity 2 to 100 25 to 25,000 25 to 25,000

Want vehicle signage solutions that outshine the competition? Reap the benefits of custom printed vehicle magnets from 4OVER4.COM! Order yours today! We're devoted to creating dynamic print solutions that take your branding to a whole new level.


We've come up with answers to the most frequently asked questions about 4OVER4.COM's vehicle magnets:

1. How should I apply my car magnet?

Applying your magnet to your car is a breeze. Follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure the car surface and the magnet is cleaned with a gentle detergent and wiped dry with a soft cloth.
  • Be sure your car magnet is at room temperature when placing on the side of the car for easy application.
  • Choose a metallic surface that is flat and smooth, like a car door. Do not apply to the roof of your car.
  • Smooth out air bubbles and make sure corners do not stick up.

2. How should I maintain my car magnet?

Follow these simple care instructions to extend the life and look of your prints:

  • Carefully peel the magnet from the sides and not the corners.
  • Clean your custom car magnet weekly with mild detergent for a long life.
  • Clean the surface of the car also.
  • Wipe with a soft cloth and let air dry.
  • Place your magnet on a flat surface in a dry place when not in use.

3. How much do car magnets cost?

Our magnets start at:

  • $ 47.50 for a 9"x 9" square (which contains 2 items).
  • $ 47.50 for a 9" x 12" rectangle (which contains 2 items).

The final cost depends on which print turnaround time option you've chosen. Get an accurate cost in seconds via our user-friendly Instant Price Calculator.

4. What type of proof will I receive?

We offer free online proofs to ensure a flawless print product.

5. What does 4 color printing mean?

Basically, it explains the process used to print the full color you see in car magnets and other print products. During the process, a color image is split into four different primary colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) using screens and filters. The result? A color separation of the images, making up the rich full color printed image.

6. What kind of materials can you print on?

When it comes to magnetic printing, we only carry one premium material at the moment: 30mil Magnet. In other words, this material is 30 millimeters thick.

Important Artwork Notice!

Lays flat on the surface.

Quick Specs:

  • Flat Magnets
  • 18 Sizes Available
  • Optional Round Corners
  • Low 2 Minimums
  • Ready in 2 to 4 Days

Available Paper Types:

  • 30mil Magnet


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