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Very few marketing assets do what a step and repeat banner can do: feature your brand's logo and slogan at high profile events. Pair your step and repeat with a sophisticated red carpet to complete the Hollywood inspired look. Choose a backdrop that will naturally turn your corporate event or presentation into an exclusive venue worthy of a sea of flashes.

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Get an affordable, high quality and reliable new display for your marketing efforts by employing custom step and repeat banners. Our 13 or 9 oz scrim vinyl provides the durability and weather resistance you need to fit any kind of event you're planning, from corporate events to conventions, trade shows to grand openings, as well as a wide range of personal celebrations.

For startups wanting to make a great first impression, these budget-conscious banners will get the job done—and more. Plus your potential customers will love taking photos in front of them, which can do wonders for your social media efforts.

Durable and Glamorous Step and Repeat Banners

Say you're a small company networking to meet new leads in order to install yourself as a market player. With step and repeat banners, you'll have the perfect budget-friendly solution to gain more recognition. Adaptable and dynamic, they are the perfect tool to take to any event or presentation. These products are also commonly used at weddings, celebrations and any other crowd-friendly events. 

Our step and repeat backdrops are customized by you and printed by experts with 20 years in the business. And they also come with an optional convenient stand.

Step and Repeat: Spec Overview

  • Available in Standard Sizes of 8" x 8" and 8" x 10"
  • Custom Sizes Also Available!
  • 13oz. Scrim Vinyl and 9oz. Wrinkle Free Fabric
  • Pole Pockets at No Additional Charge
  • Step and Repeat Banner Stands Available for Purchase
  • Low Minimums of 1
  • Ready in 1 to 3 Days!

The Perfect Step and Repeat Setup

Imagine yourself at a movie premiere walking the red carpet. What exactly do you see? The lights, the camera, the stars and the amazing backdrop behind it all: custom printed step and repeat banners. Great for formal black tie events, this backdrop has been a staple of red carpet affairs for many years. Not only does this custom backdrop make your event memorable, but it also creates photographs reminiscent of those featuring Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Whether it's a hot movie opening or a star-studded gala, having a red carpet with a step and repeat banner brings lots of excitement and draws attention. Put simply, it gives off that air of glamour. A great looking backdrop attracts media and gives them an opportunity to photograph celebs, attendees, and guests while advertising your event name, business logo, or brand. What more could you possibly want?

Great for promoting your business, showing appreciation to your sponsors, or elevating the notoriety of your event, 4OVER4.COM's step and repeat banners are printed on either smooth blackout vinyl or wrinkle-free fabric and come in custom sizes. Get ready to create a branded photo backdrop that you can to create lasting mementos. Give them a try. To take things a step (and repeat) further by ordering custom branded event badges for all attendees. 

The Benefits of Custom Step and Repeat Backdrops

Step and repeats will help you generate buzz and build a sense of prestige. All organizations will highly benefit from printing these backdrops. Don't believe us? Here's why:

  • They Drive Brand Awareness - These custom banners are a cost-effective way to drive brand awareness simply by getting your business logo and name showcased in the backgrounds of photographs that'll be used everywhere, from Facebook profile pictures to newspapers.
  • They Give a Professional Impression - If you have a branded media backdrop, your event is selfie-worthy. Besides, you don't necessarily need a red carpet for this item to work its magic—it's as useful at any corporate event where you want your company’s presence felt. 
  • They Draw Attention to Your Business Without Breaking the Bank - Being inexpensive to print, these branded banners can have a major impact on your audience. For example, you can bring them to a trade show, convention or exhibit hall to attract attention to your booth.
  • They Exude Professionalism - Everyone recognizes this type of banner when they see one. Since major brands exhibit these at conferences and red carpet events alike, people instantly tend to associate the backdrops with reputable, established businesses. You lend your business a sense of credibility just by exhibiting one.

Event Step and Repeat: A Versatile Print Medium

Featuring your logo or sponsors’ logos, step and repeat banners provide the perfect custom backdrop for photo opportunities and advertising. These backdrops can be seen in glammed-up events such as:

  • Press releases
  • Conferences and trade shows
  • Media and press walls
  • Fashion and talent shows
  • Fundraising galas and corporate launches
  • Sporting event interviews
  • Movie premieres and other red carpet events
  • Proms and Graduations
  • Weddings and parties 
  • Night club events

Fun Facts About Step and Repeat Backdrops

Ever wondered where banners and signs originated? Wonder no more! They've been around since ancient times. These facts will amaze you!

Did you know...

  • ... some of the earliest signs were used to denote the membership of a specific group? Early Christians used a sign showcasing a cross in order to denote their religious affiliations, whereas pagan banners featured the sun or the moon.
  • ... the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were also known to use signage? In ancient Rome, banners were used to announce public events as well as for storefronts.
  • ... English law compelled landlords and innkeepers to exhibit signs in the 14th century? These were intended to make public houses visible to passing inspectors regarding the quality of the ale offered. Wow! Signs have certainly evolved through the ages!

Let Your Imagination Run Wild with a Red Carpet Backdrop

We put the creativity in your hands and let your imagination run wild. Not only do we let you design your own banner, but we also let you customize it down to every last detail with our extensive personalization options. Whether you're showing appreciation to your sponsors, celebrating a corporate holiday party, or looking to lure people to your trade show booth, make your customized step and repeat banners your own with the options listed below:

  • Choose from 9oz. wrinkle-free fabric or water and weatherproof 13oz. Smooth Blockout Vinyl.
  • Available in sizes of 8' x 8' and 8' x 10'. 
  • Pole pockets at no additional charge for easy installation.
  • Banner stands available for purchase.
  • Can be rolled up and reused for your next event.
  • Vibrant full-color printing.
  • Free online proofs to ensure you love your banners.
  • No minimum quantity required.

4OVER4: Printing Items that Deliver

With our fast turnarounds, low minimums, and unparalleled attention to detail, 4OVER4.COM is the one-stop shop for all your printing needs. We're devoted to creating dynamic print products that spark conversation. Once you've built your order using our Instant Price Calculator and uploaded your design file, our print experts will review it and send you a free online proof. Once you give us the green light, we'll send your project to print. It's that simple!

Tight deadline? Last-minute engagement? Take advantage of our lightning fast print turnaround times - choose between 1 to 3 business days get your order as soon as you need it. You'll get media backdrops that you'll love in no time.

Ready to place your order? First, take a look at the comparison chart featured below. This chart lists 4OVER4.COM's coveted Sign, Banners & Displays collection. Perhaps you may also be interested in Fabric Banners or 2 Sided Blockout Banners.

Step and Repeat Fabric Banners 2 Sided Blockout Banners
Size 2 standard sizes and custom sizes From 1' x 1' to 7' x 30' 13 standard sizes
Material 13oz. Smooth Blockout Vinyl
9oz. Wrinkle Free Fabric
5oz Economy Polyester
9oz Premium Polyester
15oz. BlackOut Vinyl
Turnaround Time 0 to 2 business days 1 to 4 business days 1 to 4 business days
Min and Max Quantity 1 to 25 1 to 100 1 to 20

Want to create a celebration that all your guests will remember for years to come? Reap the benefits of custom printed step and repeat media backdrops from 4OVER4.COM! They add a touch of glamour! Order yours today! And don’t forget to peruse our entire selection of custom printed products. If you like our step and repeat banners, put our custom flyer printing to the test—our team of seasoned printing experts will work to ensure you have all the materials you need to amplify your image and accelerate your business. You may become our next step and repeat customer!

Trust in 4OVER4.COM's Knowledge and Expertise

4OVER4.COM's personalized step and repeat banners are significant advertising tools for any type of industry or personal occasion. They are a perfect branding solution to get you noticed by your target audience. 
4OVER4.COM is the leading printing firm in New York and the Tri-state area. We're experts at providing high-quality printing services from coast to coast. If you have any questions regarding our step and repeat banners printing services, please drop us a line at or hop over to our contact page here and sound off—we're always here to help!

Step and Repeat FAQs

We've come up with answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding this printed media backdrop:

1. What exactly is "Step and Repeat"?

The terminology originates from the action of having celebrities "step" onto the red carpet, pose for photo ops and exit, while the next celebrity "repeats" the same process. In general, it refers to a backdrop that features sponsor logos for the purposes of advertising, branding, and capturing photographs of noteworthy people, which are then showcased across different media outlets.

2. What are the banners made out of?

We have two premium materials to choose from. Pick one that fits your needs:

  • 13oz. Smooth Blockout Vinyl - Our high-quality banners are both waterproof and weatherproof, so they work great both indoors and outdoors. Mother nature won't take a toll on them! Generally, the estimated lifespan of these banners is 3 years.
  • 9oz. Wrinkle Free Fabric - Our scratch resistant cloth banners have a lifespan of 1 year when used outdoors and 3 years when used exclusively indoors.The ink on the fabric may start fading due to exposure to the elements after 1 year of outdoor use.

3. What are the standard sizes of your banners?

Here at 4OVER4.COM, we let you choose between two popular sizes. If you don't see a size that suits you, we also offer custom sized-banners. Simply give us your dimensions.

4. How should I hang my banner?

The majority of banners will be hung using the pole pockets we provide at no additional charge. These convenient pole pockets come at the top and bottom of the banner. We don't recommend poking your own holes in the banner to hang it - this will reduce the strength of the material! If you don't want to hand your backdrop, we also have banner stands available for purchase.

5. Can I receive proofs?

Yes, you can. Here at 4OVER4.COM, we want you to absolutely love your media backdrops. That's why we offer free online proofs.

6. What's the ordering process?

Build your order on our Instant Price Calculator and upload your design file onto our site. Once you do so, one of our skilled staff members will send you a free online proof. Once you give us your approval, your project will go to print.

Important Artwork Notice!

Please Note: On January 1, 2018 FedEx and UPS changed their oversized fees. As a result, all banners over 89" (7'5") on their shortest side will be folded and shipped in a square box. All banners 89" (7'5") and under on their shortest side will be rolled and shipped in standard corrugated boxes and/or tubes.

Additionally: 100 dpi Resolution recommended at 100% (actual size). Acceptable range: 72 dpi to 150 dpi. Anything above 150 dpi is overkill.

Quick Specs:

  • Available in standard sizes of 8' x 8', 8' x 10'
  • Custom Sizes Also Available!
  • Pole Pockets at No Additional Charge
  • Step and Repeat Banner Stands Available for Purchase
  • Low Minimums of 1
  • Ready in 1 to 3 Days!

Available Paper Types:

  • 13oz. Smooth Blockout Vinyl
  • 9oz. Wrinkle Free Fabric


Customer Reviews

Step and Repeat

By Anonymous on October 22, 2018

4over4 was great to work with! They communicated about my order and made sure it was delivered on time.
Best in the market

By Barry T. on June 02, 2017

As a fashion designer, I always use 4over4 for my 4 step and repeat needs. I have fashion shows 4 times a year and this printer never disappoints! Their step and repeat banners, step and repeat banner stands and step and repeat carpets are the best in the market! Highly recommended!
Thanks for your support

By Amber N. on March 13, 2017

Bought a step and repeat for a bachelor party. After searching around I went on 4over4 website. One hour after I placed my order, they contacted me because the image I uploaded would look blurry. They explained why my image wouldn't look good and helped me find a correct one. I am so happy to have stumbled upon this place!
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Step and Repeat
By Anonymous on October 22, 2018
4over4 was great to work with! They communicated about my order and made sure it was delivered on time.
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