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If you’re in business then you understand the importance of seeing an opportunity and capitalizing on it. When you have a store or a restaurant, every passerby is an opportunity to be seized.Well, Simpo A Frames are a viable medium to help you attract the customers you need so that you can not only promote your brand but also generate sales so that you can stay in business. These simple yet powerful advertising signs are a must-have addition to traditional forms of marketing like flyers, postcards, menus and more. They feature double sided exposure, so pedestrians walking from any direction will be able to read your message. Oh and if you’re tired of spending more money than you are saving every time you need to advertise your business then this is a solution for you. Simpo A Frames are flexible enough to be used indoors or outdoors, the designs can be easily switched for every special promotion or occasion and they also have a long life span because of the durable material they are made of. What are you waiting for? Attract more traffic, increase exposure and promote your brand. We look forward to working with you.
simpo a frames

The Best Simpo A Frames in Town

Need quick, go-to advertising for your small business? Simpo A Frames let you get your message across simply and to the point no matter what the weather forecast is. A favorite among small business owners throughout the country, these frames offer durability and portability at an affordable price. Small business owners have become big fans of custom printed Simpo A Frame signs because they attract new customers into their establishment fast.

These simple yet powerful advertising signs are a must-have addition to traditional forms of marketing like flyers, postcards, menus and more. They feature double sided exposure, so pedestrians walking from any direction will be able to read your message.

Lets take a look a look at what makes them so popular:


Nothing stands the test of time like a durable molded 100% plastic sidewalk sign. This customized A frame is perfect for outdoor use and will never rust, fade or splinter like metal and wooden A frame sidewalk signs often do. Another plus, Simpo A Frame has a convenient molded handle, folds flat and is effortlessly packed away at the end of a long day. May be filled with water or sand for extra ballast.


Not just for brick and mortar stores, custom printed Simpo A Frame sidewalk signs are perfect for sales people that attend trade shows and do product demonstrations. They are also lightweight and convenient to carry and a favorite among food trucks and outdoor market vendors.


Why be run of the mill when you can be unique and creative with custom Simpo A Frame sidewalk signs. At 4OVER4.COM, we let you create a message and graphics that paint a captivating picture for passersby. Entice them to walk into your store, restaurant or salon with a deal they can’t refuse.

All Weather

No more worries about unexpected rain, snow or sleet! Our all weather Simpo A Frame custom sign is made for any day of the year. Another added bonus to purchasing a plastic sign is that you do not have to worry about wet conditions ruining your advertising signage. Our Simpo A Frame sidewalk sign lets you target different customers with the ability to feature two unique themes on each side of your sign. Grab the coffee lover on one side and reel in the sweet tooth on the other. You can also display the same promotion on both sides of the sidewalk sign.

Throw out your tape, velcro and screws, our customized A frames are made with stay tabs to keep your signs securely in place. Signs measure at 22” x 28” and are made of 4mm corrugated plastic. Our easy quick change system allows you to easily slide your signs in and out.

Best Uses

From small town shopping districts to the big city streets, A frame sidewalk signs have become an essential advertising tool for small businesses. There are so many ways to use these versatile signs. Take a look at some examples:

Restaurants / Cafes / Bakeries / Delis - Eating establishments typically use personalized Simpo A Frame signs to advertise daily specials, signature dishes, drinks and lunch combo meals.

Fine dining restaurants use sidewalk signs to indicate a free valet service to patrons.

Even food trucks and carts use customized A frame signage to attract passersby with mouth watering deals.

Salons / Spas - For businesses that specialize in hair, nails and/or skin care, custom sidewalk signs are ideal for announcing specials on manicures/pedicures, haircuts and facials or massages.

Car Washes / Gas Stations - Grab the attention of passing drivers with signs that offer deals on wash and wax. Gas stations can promote a special price on oil changes. They can even advertise discounts on cases of bottled water and soft drinks.

Realtors - Most real estate agents use A frame signs to announce an open house, but they are also often positioned outside their office inviting potential homeowners to walk in and inquire about a listing.

Retail stores / Boutiques - Whether you are in the business of selling high end clothes, home goods, jewelry or shoes and accessories, Simpo A Frame signs featuring a custom call to action and vibrant colors are ideal for announcing sale events, trunk shows and holiday bargains.

Parking lots - There are no shortage of parking lots in cities across America. For that reason, the majority of them use sidewalk signs as a way to beat the price of the competition.

Organic / Gourmet markets - Sidewalk signs with a custom design help markets list their trademark products and fresh produce to passing foodies.

Indoor malls - Sidewalk signs are also valuable marketing tools for mall retailers trying to beat out the competition. You can also find them in the food court.

No matter what business you may be in, custom printed Simpo A Frame sidewalk advertising gives you the flexibility of using your signs at your convenience. Their affordable price allows you to buy several signs, each announcing their own promotion. Simply switch them out throughout the year as the seasons change. For example, pack away your hot cocoa signage and opt for iced coffee and other cold beverage ads for warmer weather.

From coast to coast, we are certain that our line of outdoor sidewalk signs like the Simpo A Frame will give our customers years of results. Not only are they durable enough to stand up to mother nature, they are lightweight and easy to transport when times call for traveling.

For further details on our custom printed Simpo A Frame sidewalk signs, please call 718-932-2700 and speak with an experienced member of our customer service team. We are also available via email at We look forward to working with you.

Important Artwork Notice!

Frame & Signs Will Ship Separately

Available Paper Types:

  • 4mm (3/16") Corrugated Plastic

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Verna N.

Jun 24 2017

5 stars! It was a great experience working with 4over4, from the design file upload to the final outcome of the simpo A frames. They look lovely and work smoothly, no matter what the weather forecast is. I really can’t wait to order more sidewalk signs for my real estate business. Totally recommended!