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Rolodex Cards Printing Online

Organize Your Contacts with Rolodex Cards Printing

Before smartphones came around, everyone would have been lost without rolodex cards. Rolodex cards still help us get organized and stay ahead by keeping the contact info we need in front of us all the time. And sometimes it's a little more fun to just put down the mobile phone and get out the rolodex.

Professionally printed rolodex cards from can be a great addition to your office, or a great gift for your kids - it's a timeless tool that helps us stay organized by putting vital information at reach and unlike your mobile phone or internet-based address book service, your rolodex is always available and never goes offline.

Pros of Using Custom Rolodex Cards

Also known as index cards or rotary cards, rolodex cards can be custom imprinted with your name, contact numbers, company name in addition to other relevant info.

  • Forget the notion that rotary cards are unnecessary and old fashioned. These promotional prints are helpful despite the existence of solutions that can substitute them.

  • It's Reasonable to invest in print marketing materials just in case smartphones run out of battery or computer files get lost.

  • Professionals in different fields and businesses keep using business card rolodex because these are extremely handy. These prints are still a competitive medium for business owners and freelancers to bring out their marketing plans.

  • Customized index cards are a traditional solution of storing contact information. Provide your clients with these cards and make sure your contact details are in front of them at all times.

The Best Printing Experience

With, you get high quality index cards. We are here to answer all your questions and to guide you in selecting the best printing options for your specific needs! provides rolodex cards printing in 14pt gloss cover with a luxurious high gloss UV coating, as well as 4" x 6" die-cut sizes and between 250 to 25,000 prints.

Ready to order? Simply decide on your chosen specifications and build your order with the Instant Price Calculator to your right. Once your order is set, all you have to do is click "Continue" to see your project page, where you can upload your design files and monitor the status of your project.You'll be asked to approve your free online proof to ensure a flawless end result!

Available Paper Types:

  • 14pt Gloss Cover

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  • Second to none

    "4over4’s team is so quick, helpful and attentive! Also, the customer service and print quality at 4over4 is second to none. They officially became my favorite printer after my last order. They helped me select the best rolodex card for my specific needs. I loved how the die cut rolodex cards turned out! All in all, great product, great service and great pricing! Highly recommended! "


    Arthur G. Mar 14 2017

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Tips For Designing a Killer Rolodex Cards

A huge part of landing your dream job or attracting the attention of potential customers is how you present yourself to your audience. Powerful communication tools are a must. And personalized cards can exude charm and highlight your business persona. Here is a list of do's and don'ts when it comes to this must-have print product:

  • Design in high resolution
  • Set the bleed
  • Don't forget to have contact details
  • Don't have crowded artwork


Yes, the minimum to print offset is 250.With that said, on smaller runs we print on the best digital printing equipment on the market that truly rivals offset printing.
Second Surface printing adds a layer of elegance to any display by printing on the back, rear facing side of the material.
FIRST SURFACEThe first surface of a clear substrate refers to the side facing the viewing audience. Whether it’s a store window or wall-mounted graphic, first surface printing or mounting means the graphic will be on the viewing side of the substrate. SECOND SURFACE Second surface reverses the first surface process. The graphic is printed or mounted on the back of the clear substrate. This allows the substrate to act as a protective layer.

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