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    Rigid Plastic Business Cards & More!

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    Most business cards out there are a dime a dozen. No one really holds on to them unless they really have to. That’s because they are made out of paper. Plastic Business Cards on the other hand are a bankable way to stand out from the average. When you’re meeting a prospective client, a business card is as important to making a good first impression as your outfit, personality and even handshake. In addition to making a good first impression, Plastic Business Cards are durable, Water-resistant and beautiful. Take the step today to being memorable. With minimums of 250 cards and 7 day turnarounds, what’s not to like?
    rigid plastic

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    Available Paper Types:

    • 20 Point White Rigid Vinyl
    • 20 Point Frosted
    • 20 Point Clear


    NPS Safety Cards

    Plastic card is durable and print quality/color fantastic!

    Gina Zangla, Jun 06 2019


    Wonderful Product

    The quality is magnificent. I was most impressed by the customer service provided during the process. Nancy you rock!!!

    Paula Rolark, May 29 2018


    They looked excellent

    They are all-purpose cards meaning they function in a way applicable for what they were created for. Meaning they are waterproof and the business is swimming so they needed to be splash proof

    Anonymous, Apr 23 2018


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