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Sales Sheets

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Sales Sheets - Persuasive and Powerful Marketing Tools


These interactive and popular tools can effectively promote your products and services while standing out amongst a crowd of competitors. Tell the world about your business in a colorful and captivating way, announcing new offerings and providing up-to-date information to potential and existing clients. Invest in high quality sales sheets today and start promoting your business, your way!

Sales sheets printing can be a very useful tool in marketing your business because they convey your personality and tell potential clients why they should use your products and services. Commonly used in presentation folders as press kit inserts, companies, individuals, and nonprofit organizations tell their story in a one-page document using popular sales sheets.

Print Materials are The Most Trusted Form of Marketing!

56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing, as published by Compu-Mail. If you want to build trust and acquire potential clients, statistics suggest distributing print products like good-looking sales sheets.

The Data & Marketing Association revealed that 44% of people said they had visited a brand’s website after receiving direct mail. Many small businesses overlook the effectiveness of print materials to promote online efforts. Be proactive and boost online traffic with traditional print tools.

57% of people say they are more likely to remember a message received by mail, as stated by Kennedy Marketing Group. Studies have found that tangible materials are easier to remember. How many print strategies have you launched this year? If you’re answer is “none or just a few”, it’s never too late to revamp your marketing!

Use Custom Sales Sheets to Your Advantage

Whether you own a retail shop, pet store or art gallery, sell sheets are ideal for conveying information and making a professional impression. It won’t take long to start experiencing the benefits of using sales sheets. Take a look at some of the advantages below:

  • Highlight your newest additions
  • Stay on budget
  • Keep your clients informed in an easy way
  • Build a memorable and established impression of your business

Tips to Design The Ideal Sales Sheet

Don’t know how to create a sell sheet that actually does the selling for you? Follow these tips for maximum results:

  • Create interest by featuring high-quality imagery
  • Feature benefits backed by data
  • Delight your customers by giving them a coupon code
  • Break information using frames or colors
  • Include a clear call to action
  • Revise, revise revise - Don’t let a typo ruin your reputation

Remember: a great design will be memorable and easy to recognize.

Compare Sales Data Sheets With Other Products

Are you a business owner looking to increase brand awareness? Whether you have an online business, restaurant, or travel agency, an effective sell sheet is a tried-and-true method for building interest. Not sure which product best fits your needs? Check out this comparison chart:

Product Price Starting at Sizes Paper Stock Minimum Order Quantity Print Turnaround
Sales Sheets $69 5 Standard Sizes
Custom Sizes
9 Paper Stocks Available 50 3 Business Days Same day Option Available
Pocket Folders $699 9” x 12”
9” x 14.5”
4 Paper Stocks Available 250 7 Business Days to 2 Business Days
Booklets $219 3 Standard Sizes Custom Sizes 7 Paper Stocks Available 25 7 Business Days to 1 Business Day
Notepads $85 5 Standard Sizes 16pt Velvet Laminated 25 7 Business Days to 2 Business Days

Customize The Best Sale Sheet Every Business Owner Craves

We at 4OVER4 produce full color sales sheets that stand out in quality and affordability. Unlike cheap looking stocks, our premium papers are durable and fade-resistant. At such cost-effective prices, you can keep your audience updated and engaged with your brand.

Ready to customize yours? Check out all your options below:

  • 5 Standard Sizes and Custom Sizes - Choose the size that best suits your advertising needs. Consider the amount of text and how you’ll distribute your marketing pieces.

  • Low minimums of 50 pieces - Great choice for businesses on tight budgets.

  • 9 Paper Types - Several options ranging from #100 gloss text to 15pt synthetic plastic.

  • Full color on both sides (4/4) or full color on front and blank on back (4/0) - We recommend full color printing for a captivating look.

  • Optional High Gloss UV Coating - This superior finish will give your piece a stunning shine while protecting it from damage.

  • 9 Folding Options - Choose a fold that will complement the design of your sheets.

  • Optional Perforation - Great choice for adding a promotional coupon.

  • Three-Hole Punch - Perfect for adding sheets to binders.

  • Free online proofs - Check format and design before your project goes to print.

  • 3 Business Day Turnarounds - Same day turnaround available for last minute events.

At 4OVER4, you’re the boss. From 100# gloss text, 70# uncoated text, 14pt gloss cover, 6mil synthetic plastic to 15pt synthetic plastic, you can choose the paper stock that fits your budget and needs. Build your order with the Instant Price Calculator to your right and click "Check Out" to see your project page.

Your project is our priority. Let 4OVER4 produce quality print materials for all your marketing campaigns.


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Below find a list of frequently asked questions regarding our printing services:

1. Can I see a proof before you start printing my order?

Yes, we can send you a free online proof and wait for your approval before beginning the printing process. We also offer a hard copy proof at an additional charge.

2. I’m not sure that my file is print ready. Can you help me?

Send us your files, and we'll examine them FREE OF CHARGE. At no cost or obligation to you, we'll have one of our professionals at 4OVER4.COM review them. If something needs fixing, we will let you know and help you revise your files.