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How to Order Brochures

To order brochures, first, choose your preferred brochure type and size on the printer’s website. Next, design your brochure online using the provided tools or upload your pre-existing design. Once your design is ready and meets your satisfaction, proceed to place your order, specifying the quantity and any other preferences. It’s a straightforward process designed to ensure you receive brochures tailored to your requirements.

How to Make Brochures

Making brochures can be done by first utilizing an online brochure designer, where you can either start from scratch or choose from existing templates to customize. Alternatively, you can download a blank template and use your preferred software, such as Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher, to edit and design the brochure to your liking. This method allows for personalized design flexibility, ensuring your brochures accurately represent your message or brand.


Brochures Spread Your Message

Leverage one of the most efficient advertising tools available: brochures. Whether you're preparing a business presentation, showcasing your services, adding professionalism to a school project or educating people on a cause or issue, brochure printing is a surefire way to get your message across effectively.

Follow these tips for a professional look:

  1. Limit the number of different fonts to three

  2. Go with a high gloss UV coating for maximum impact

  3. Select color on both sides for a high-end look

  4. Choose your folding based on the amount of information you have

Let your imagination run wild with our multiple brochure options:

Choose from coated, uncoated, gloss, classy linens and even indoor magnet, and print brochures that have staying power. The versatility of this marketing tool is almost unmatched by any other small format print. Their portable sizes and interesting folding options allow you to include content and data, without burdening the reader. With multiple sizes and fold options available, your brochures will be as exciting and fun, or as serious and straightforward as you want them to be.

With over 15 years of experience in the online printing industry, you can trust to provide you with the best custom printed brochures possible. Our team of professional printing experts will review your file and send you a free online proof, so you can check that your design and text is accurate and print-ready. Our environmentally friendly practices, low minimums and cost-efficient prices make us the go-to printer in NY and across the nation.

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Jan 19 2023

I’m excited for everything to come in . This website has everything!!!
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S. Hussien

Jul 26 2022

it was amazing trulyy worth your time
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Dec 16 2020

We love this printer for providing the fastest, clearest and smoothest path to project completion. Great quality and experience for an online printer! Love the variety of paper type and folds available to make unique brochures.

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