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    First impressions matter and in the world of product consumption, a label is that first impression. In an aisle full of competitors, you want to ensure that your label stands out from the rest.  When it comes to waterproof sticker printing, the labels are more useful for products that are often exposed to water or moisture. Your labels need to remain legible and affixed to your products and this is why waterproof labels are commonly used on beauty products, food and beverages, bath and body essentials, outdoor products or other items that come in contact with water. Your logo should look as good as new on custom waterproof labels.

    Are you looking to brand or personalize a beverage, a bottle or any other retail product that will get exposed to water like a shower gel or frozen food? If you want your labels and message to last, we've got you covered! 4OVER4's professionally printed roll waterproof labels are one of our business favourites and will stay put no matter what!

    Other Benefits of Printing Waterproof Labels with 4OVER4.COM

    Businesses big and small have long been taking advantage of our long-lasting roll waterproof labels. Check out some of the most important benefits of printing custom waterproof labels with 4OVER4:

    • Our waterproof labels are resistant to water and moisture.This makes them suitable for items that are exposed to damp environments. These labels are mostly used for products stored in refrigerators and found in bathrooms or kitchens.
    • Making stickers waterproof is also important to protect from all kinds of harsh outdoor environments.Great for water bottles, sunscreens and many more applications where water and weatherproof properties are needed.
    • Our clear waterproof stickers look amazing especially on a transparent bottle and are specially-designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. 
    • Design your own personalized waterproof stickers with our easy to use design tool. If you’re very specific about what you want and want to add little stars on a rectangle shaped label, it’s all possible with our tool as you have access to thousands of stock images. You can either design from scratch or choose from any of our templates then simply chaWhere custom waterproof labels are used 

    Where custom waterproof labels are used

    Beauty products: Making stickers waterproof is a necessity for beauty products such as bath and body essentials as they come in contact with water often. Therefore, you need the information on the labels to remain clear enough to read for a longer period.

    Beverages and water bottles: Waterproof label printing is mostly used on water bottles as they’re often put under high moisture conditions such as refrigerators and in some cases dishwashers. The logo and product information will remain clear and legible when printed on waterproof labels.

    Food: Some food products are stored in the fridge and hence are in contact with moisture and water. Waterproof custom labels are perfect for such products as they remain clear enough to read no matter how long the products are stored in the fridge or when put under slightly harsh conditions like the microwave. Select a white gloss paper type that is suitable for items that are used indoors.

    Waterproof Labels Printing options

    Whether you're trying to effectively promote your brand's products, to increase brand awareness or to revamp your belongings, these personalized waterproof stickers will not disappoint! Make them your own with 4OVER4's extensive printing options listed below:

    • You can opt for striking full color printing or chic black ink only printing.
    • Stickers come in rolls, making them easy to apply on paper, plastic, wood, frozen products, metal or glass packaging of whatever shape or size.
    • Our waterproof labels custom with straight cut corners can be laminated with gloss lamination or matte/silk lamination for added elegance.
    • Come in a variety of paper options that will meet every need. White gloss for indoor use only or white BOPP and Clear BOPP which are oil and water resistant options for indoor/outdoor use
    • Choice of an array of standard sizes and  shapes: square, rectangle, circle and oval.

    Get your own waterproof labels in bulk today!

    Once you've decided on your unique label design and appreciate the importance of making stickers waterproof, whether it's a business logo, slogan or key product info, upload the design file onto our site using our Instant Price Calculator. With minimums as low as 100 and as high as 25 thousand prints, these labels are ideal for both business and personal use. Simply select 6 business day print turnaround time and whether or not you'd like to see a free online proof to ensure accurate prints. Once you've given us your approval, your job will go into production. We will guide you every step of the way!

    If you opt for our roll labels that you can take with you on the road or between facilities, with waterproof label printing the materials used have a strong back adhesive that ensures your label will not fall off. More importantly, the design will stay as bright and vibrant as when it was originally printed.

    Want custom waterproof labels that stand the test of time, whether for business promotions or for personal use? Order professionally printed roll waterproof labels from the experts at 4OVER4.COM! Remember, for everything you buy on our site, you will receive rewards coins that you can use to redeem and get free business cards, our print products and amazing gift cards from other stores.