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    Address label printing refers to the printing of labels with the delivery information of products and is mostly used when the items are being delivered through post or courier services. They are mostly used on packages and envelopes. They show the address of the sender or recipient.
    Some of the information included on custom address label printing include:

    • Recipients name- The whole purpose of having an address label is to show who the mail or package belongs to. This means including the receiver’s full name is the most important part of an address label.
    • Business name- Who is the package from? Always remember to have your business name properly displayed on the address so that clients can easily identify your company.
    • Recipient’s address- Where should the items be delivered to? This will help the items to be delivered to the intended destination. Include the recipient’s street address with apartment or suite number. Including the city, state, and zip code is also key.

    Companies also like using return address labels on packages. Return address labels have the company information and are attached to the back of a package or envelope. The return address labels help the goods be traced back to the company in case they are undelivered or a client wants to return them.

    The benefits of using label address printing

    Benefits of label address printing include:

    • Address labels make packages look professional- Imagine receiving a package without your address on it. How will you perceive the company? Disorganized right? You don’t want to be the company that does a shady job. Adding custom address labels makes your company look executive and neat.
    • It helps increase brand awareness- Many people will handle your package before it gets to your recipient’s hands. This means adding your business name, logo, and contact information especially to your return address label will help many people take note of your brand.
    • Adds your business personality- You want customers to instantly recognize your brand. This means having your address labels well customized will give recipients an idea of your business before seeing the contents inside.
    • They add consistency to your brand- Having well-customized labels whose colors and outlook match your brand’s document helps give your brand a more polished look and make it look well put together.
    • Gives your package an identity- Address labels help ease the mailing and delivery process as the people doing it will know where to deliver the products. When it comes to returning address labels, in case of anything, the delivery company can always trace back the goods to your company. 

    Guidelines you should adhere to during address label printing

    Some of the rules to follow during address label printing include:

    • Use all capital letters- This will make your address be more visible and easy to read compared to small letters.
    • Use simple fonts- As much as you might be tempted to use stylish fonts, don’t. Use simple and clear fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, and the like. The benefit of this is that it will be easily read by anyone. Your font should also be visible. Avoid using tiny sized fonts. Don’t use anything less than 10 point size.
    • Don’t cut off any important information- If you buy a blank address label, be sure to include all the necessary information and not to cut it off. Ensure the most crucial information like the recipient’s name is fully written and none of the words are missing
    • No punctuation- Don’t add any punctuation mark to your address labels.

    Top 5 ways to use address labels

    Ways to use your address labels include:

    • On mails and packages- Make it easy for your supplies to be sent to the right people by adding your address label.
    • On items to be returned- Use return address labels on items you lend out. This is so that it will be easy for the recipients to send it back to you.
    • On office equipment- If you tend to lend out office supplies like electronics, then using address labels will help you keep track of them and help the people using them know the source.
    • On your luggage- Address labels placed on your luggage will help identify you as the owner in case they get lost. It’s an inexpensive way of making sure your property finds its way back to you.
    • On books- Placing address books on labels is a good way to show who the books belong to. If it’s a school, then put address labels with the school name and address. In this way, the books will always be returned to you. 

    Types of address labels

    There are three types of address label printing which include:

    • Roll address labels- This form of address label printing, as the name suggests comes in a roll. The roll comprises of over 65 rectangles, squares, circles, or ovals depending on your preference. The roll can have different information included in each label or the same information. You choose to have a different color or one unison color. At 4OVER4, the roll label address printing can be cut to size as individual labels or on rolls. It’s perfect for businesses that send out many envelopes and packages.
    • Premium address labels- They are of high quality and you are assured to get instant recognition. They add a dash of extraness to your items and make people take note. They come cut to size as individual labels and come in 6 standard sizes. You can also get custom sizes.
    • Standard address labels- They have a professional appeal and enhance business branding. With standard address labels, you are assured your company goods and resources will appear more professional and neat. You can get them in over 50 sizes or shapes, 5 popular paper options, and can get rounded corners for square and rectangular labels.

    How to order address labels in bulk at 4OVER4

    4OVER4 offers an address label printing service. You can choose from 3 types of address labels not to mention you have a pool of sets you can choose from! 4OVER4 provides online address label printing services that are cheap and it’s easy to place your order. The process is seamless. You can get 25 address labels for the price of $19! You can also get them the same day or can choose between 1 to 5 business days depending on your schedule.

    4OVER4 has 5 paper types you can choose from; standard uncoated label, standard hi-gloss label, standard clear label, standard semi-gloss label, and standard white vinyl label! There are many sizes to choose from and you can also have a custom size.
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