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With a plethora of brands in the market, customers remember and value brands that have personality, a touch of class and uniqueness. If you are looking to make your brand stand out and have a lasting impression on customers, look no further than plastic hangtags as they serve this purpose just fine. Plastic hangtags allow brands to display their items with clear information in an eye-catching way. Personalized plastic clothing tags are fast becoming favourites among clothing brands for their style, customization, compatibility, low price and customer impact.

4OVER4 provides a wide range of customizable plastic clothing tags to choose from suiting your business preferences. We can produce clothing tags, in bulk and at a cheap price, that will convey your brand image in a way that will not only give your customers a sense of expertise and class but also foster brand loyalty.

Important Details When Ordering Plastic Hangtags

Incorporating hangtags into your marketing strategy can be a great booster for your business. However, to benefit from the advantages that it brings along, it is important to consider the following details when ordering plastic hangtags.

  • Determine your hangtag preferences such as style, frame, size, font, logo etc and look for a supplier with the most cost-friendly offer.

  • Hangtags are supposed to bring uniqueness. Therefore the degree and range of customization are of paramount importance when ordering.

  • Determine whether your requirements will be met with a single tag or multiple pieces strung together using a tag plastic string.

  • You should order hangtags in bulk to save money. 

  • Hangtags can be used in so many ways such as organza bags, zip locks and with a hangtag plastic string. Therefore, you should choose the ones that are compatible with your product and can achieve your desired goals. 

  • Make the right choice. Hangtags can add so much value and create an impression of class and elegance among the customers when they look great.

The audience for this advertising channel

Hangtags are more than pieces of paper with some basic information. You can strategically use the hang tags to grab the attention of your potential customers in many ways. The best thing about hangtags is that they spare you the headache of altering your packaging or product display methods. The versatility of hangtags allows you to appeal to a variety of audiences in terms of culture, age, gender, profession, geographic needs and other preferences.
Hangtags brings lifestyle into the advertising fold. Customers identify with and prefer to buy products that not only cater to their needs but also appeal to their emotions and are in line with their lifestyle preferences. 

Available Paper Types:

Plastic hangtags are available in a wide range of variety in terms of quality, style, material used, cuts and shapes, artwork and printing techniques. 4over4 offers paper hangtags in the following varieties:

  • 20 Point White Rigid Vinyl with the option of full-colour printing on one or both sides.

  • 20 Point Frosted with full-colour printing on one side.

  • 20 Point Clear with full-colour printing on one side.

Tips For Designing Plastic Hangtags

Plastic hangtags are a great advertising tool provided they are designed considering all the following things: 

  • The design should be unique and make the product stand out 

  • It should include critical product information. 

  • Other specifications including colours, size, fonts, paper thickness, shape and cutting should match the message intended to be conveyed.

As an established and reputed supplier, 4OVER4 offers its customers a large variety of hangtags in terms of size, paper type, cutting, shapes and other features such as glitter, lamination and metallic foil. All this comes at a price that does not require to be sponsored or funded. In addition, 4OVER4’s loyalty and rewards program gives the unique opportunity to purchase free business cards and coupons. All you have to do is create an account and go to My Influence Page to view your coins and rewards.

Available Paper Types:

  • 20 Point White Rigid Vinyl
  • 20 Point Frosted
  • Design Templates
  • Blank Templates

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  • Outdoor or long distance goods need hang tags

    "Outdoor or long distance goods need hang tags that won't age even before the product they're on has been delivered. These are perfect for this and I love their popping colors and clear edges."


    Joe E. Gebhard Dec 22 2020

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  • These hangtags never disappoint.

    "These hangtags never disappoint."


    Robert T. Dec 22 2020

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  • These plastic hangtags help any item look great.

    "Even the most ordinary item if combined with a great hangtag it will look extraordinary!"


    Margarito R. Logan Dec 22 2020

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Standing out against the crowd is not easy. With thousands of products out there vying for attention, it is important to come up with clever ways to catch the eye of your potential customers. Whether you're a big business or you're just starting out, we have you covered. You can print Plastic Hang Tags for quantities as low as 100 and as high as 5,000.

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