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Very little marketing assets have the ability to let your brand step inside your target audience’s home and be a part of their everyday lives. That’s the beauty about giving away a nice printed product that boosts your brand awareness while also being functional for the user. 4OVER4’s magnet printing service is a dynamic advertising tool for getting into the hearts and minds of consumers.

Making yourself known is one thing, but letting your brand be visible day in and day out in a family home, office or store is a different and certainly more aggressive tactic. And, you know, sometimes marketing campaigns have to be bold. With your own, fully customizable, high quality and affordable magnets, you’ll make your message truly shine and stick around for years to come.

How many magnets do you have placed on your fridge, microwave and other metallic surfaces? A lot, we know, that’s why we’re offering this great way to promote your business, brand or special promotional date with cost-effective prices and fast turnarounds.

Magnet printing at is a breeze with our user friendly instant price calculator. To get started, choose a company logo, photograph or original artwork with text. Create a custom size or select from one of our standard sizes: 2”x3.5”, 3”x4”, 4”x6” or 5”x7”. All our magnet printing is done on 17pt indoor magnet stock with UV coating for maximum resistance and endurance. Upload your image and leave the rest to us. At we offer free proofs before you pay and low minimums of only 25.

Additional options include rounded corners of ⅜’’ or ⅛’’ radius. Print in full color or with just black ink and keep on personalizing your unique magnets. Are you in a hurry? Our Magnet Printing service is available with our ultra fast turnarounds.

Popular Uses for Your New Magnets

  • Our printed magnets are preferred alternatives to the traditional business card. Small businesses swear by them because they make great promotional gifts. Just add your business information and a 12 month calendar and send printed magnets to customers as holiday gifts.

  • Magnet printing has also become popular with schools and sports teams featuring a school mascot or emblem. Print magnets for your next celebration and give them to guests as party favors, simply add a fun photograph and event date to commemorate the occasion.

  • If you are in the food industry, never forget to engage and retain customers by including a magnet with your contact information, website, and an eye-catching design so that your brand is there whenever they decide to order out again!

  • If you’re also planning a flyer marketing campaign, combining them with your custom magnets in a single bundle can be a great way to ensure that you have twice the chance of getting their attention.

  • Always have a pile of your personalized magnets at the checkout counter to be handed out after each purchase.

  • Further engagement can be accomplished by including a promotional discount code or loyalty program information on personalized magnets.

4,000 Years of History and Still Sticking Around

Do you know how magnets were discovered? The story goes that a Greek shepherd from Crete called Magnes accidentally came across this material while herding his sheep in an area called Magnesia in ancient Greece. Legend has it that the nails in his shoes and the metal rod from his herding staff suddenly stuck onto a large, black rock.

He dug into the earth to find the source of this apparent magic and found lodestones containing what we refer to today as Magnetite, a natural magnetic material. It’s still not clear if that name derives from the area where it was found, Magnesia, or Magnes himself. Either way, and just like Isaac Newton, scientific discoveries tend to be born out of sheer luck, don’t they?

Today, magnets are common everywhere in the world. Restaurants, veterinarians, taxi services, plumbers and countless others count on magnets to communicate to potential customers and increase their brand recognition. Where there’s a metallic surface, there’s a branding possibility.

Save 25% Right Now by Ordering 100 Magnets

Our minimum quantity for magnet printing starts at just 25 with an ultra low price tag of $11 with standard customization options. Now, we’ll let you in on a little secret you might find interesting and worth your time. If you order 100 magnets, 4 times the original amount, you’ll be paying an incredibly low price of $33! That’s exactly 25% off. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this can’t miss deal.

As You Like It

With 4OVER4’s user friendly instant price calculator, you’ll be able to make your custom selections and upload your personal design exactly as you envisioned it. We will email you a Free Online Proof to check for any errors to ensure a flawless end result.

Order your new Magnets today. Here are some other products you might also like:

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Min. Size 2’’ x 3.5’’ 9’’ x 9’’ 2’’ x 5’’ 12’’ x 12’’
Turnarounds Same day to 5 business days Same day to 4 business days Same day to 5 business days Same day to 3 business days


Are these magnets durable?

Yes, these magnets are durable, but do keep in mind that they are meant for indoor use.

How quick can you make them?

You can get them quickly with our same day turnaround option. Be sure to place your order before noon EST time.

Are there any discounts?

Sure thing! With your order of 100 magnets, you’ll be saving 25%!

What’s the minimum amount of units I can order?

The minimum starting order is 25 magnets.

Important Artwork Notice!

Magnets are lightweight and adhere completely to surface.
Not recommended as paper weights.

Available Paper Types:

  • 17pt Indoor Magnet
  • Design Templates
  • Blank Templates

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Save on Magnet Printing

Magnets will always have some fascination to them, regardless of age, or any other factor you may consider and so this makes for a great advantage with magnets as giveaways. Great printing and popping colours add to their functionality and yield a product that will serve its intended purpose perfectly.

Magnets will always have some fascination to them, regardless of age, or any other factor you may consider and so this makes for a great advantage with magnets as giveaways. Great printing and popping colours add to their functionality and yield a product that will serve its intended purpose perfectly.. Give your advertising a fun edge by getting magnets with your business name or logo on them, and let your brand be seen pretty much daily at the store, office, or even in the home where they are set up without being too intrusive and annoying. Make your message familiar and constant while you reach a large crowd all without having to break a sweat; customize a batch of magnets today and attach your brand to the minds of more people than you can imagine.

Tips For Designing a Killer Magnets

A huge part of landing your dream job or attracting the attention of potential customers is how you present yourself to your audience. Powerful communication tools are a must. And personalized cards can exude charm and highlight your business persona. Here is a list of do's and don'ts when it comes to this must-have print product:

  • Consider the shape to use
  • Use few bold colors
  • Use high quality graphics
  • Do not forget your contact details
  • Do not have unnecessary information
  • Do not forget to use a size whose information will be visible


Car Magnets are printed with UV ink technology. There are good for both indoor and outdoor use, waterproof and UV safe and can last for years. Unlike most other printers, we apply an extra UV coating which gives them the durability they need to stand up to the outdoor elements, whether it's sun, rain, sleet or snow.
The largest car magnet we can produce is 24" x 36" .

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