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    Emma Davis

    Content writer

    Aug 20, 2020 Clap 2081 ViewCopy Link

    Why Consider Unique Hang Tag Printing for Your Online Store

    Why Consider Unique Hang Tag Printing for Your Online Store

    The anticipation and excitement of opening a gift or the eagerness of checking out a new product cannot be explained in words. Custom hang tag printing plays a vital role in enhancing this enthusiasm and pleasure. With the passing years, the seasonal pleasure of shopping changed to the online craze, and now to a powerful marketing tool, ‘E-commerce’. You need two vital ingredients presentation, and packaging to make sure your customers are overjoyed to see the products delivered from your online store. But any generic package cannot have the same impact as a customized one. According to Crowdspring 2017 statistics report, “78% of consumers trust brands producing custom content.” When you add customized hang tags with string to your products and ensure a safe customized box, the packaging itself increases customer trust in your brand three-fold. Customized hang tag printing with string is a significant step that you may consider to secure your store’s or brand image. The fact is customers are loyal to their favorite brands, especially the retail ones. Brands add value to a purchase, and people are also willing to pay more to get things from trusted brands. Creating custom hang tags can support your business in becoming the “brand” that buyers seek. Let us delve deeper to know why you should consider hang tag printing.

    Tell a Story with Custom Hang Tag Printing

    Are you leveraging your brand hang tag experience to the fullest? If not, you are missing out on an excellent opportunity to express yourself. Adding a hang tag is not just about making your products appear good. It is also about giving shape to your brand’s story, which is essential in letting customers know why they should choose your brand over your competitors. For instance, portraying the emotions of your service or products with die-cut hang tags helps customers choose your brand. Even small hang tags help you to print your brand’s journey to success and what you aim to deliver. A folded hang tags printing can give you extra space to include what makes your unique from the rest in the industry, and your products can guarantee. An exclusive hang tag printing is tangible proof of your product quality and not just mere words. It shows that you value your customers and offer them the best, so what if it is just cheap hang tags.

    Drive Customer Loyalty with Hang Tag Printing

    Whether you are an online e-commerce store or a physical store, customer loyalty drives business success. Both first impression, while checking out custom hang tags for clothing in a physical store, and the last impact while checking out a tag for products delivered online are highly essential. If you see it from an economic viewpoint, every long-term relationship with the customer needs you to spend resources appealing to them from scratch. Only then, it is profitable in the long run. Building a strong relationship is not easy because brand loyalty does not just depend on good products and services. You need to offer an additional wow factor to make your business unique. There may be several brands as good as yours. To capitalize on your excellent products, you need to give your customers a unique experience. A luxury hang tag printing can act as a cherry on top of your great products. Such small but special touches keep you ahead in the race.

    Go Viral by Choosing Unique Hang Tag Design

    It is a fact that making customized boxes can be a little expensive, but, custom hang tag printing costs are minimal. It is one of the best ways to be seen by limitless audiences. A hangtag is the most overlooked item in the branding process. Businesses choose more significant and more prominent advertising options like sale events, banners, etc. for their innovative products. The little things like hang tag printing get forgotten. Not choosing hang tags for your merchandise or ignoring customization of hang tags to match your entire marketing plan can be a failure for your business. Always think of custom hang tags as your business cards. As you will never leave your home without business cards, similarly, your products should never leave your office space without a hangtag. A successful hang tag design will allow customers to connect emotionally with your brand and product. It is a friendly way to get your brand out there.

    Make or Break the Sale with High-End Hang Tag Printing

    A vividly attractive hang tag can capture the attention of a customer quickly. I can give you an example from my business. I once displayed my scarves at a boutique that also had a variety of brands from other suppliers. Coincidentally, I had the exact pink floral scarf displayed on the rack as one of the suppliers. Which one do you think the customer chose? I observed the first thing that the customer noticed was the similarities, next, the qualities, prices, and finally, the hang tag. The last option allowed my scarf to have an extra edge and be purchased. The die cut hang tags encouraged them to look at my brand and decide to choose my product over my competitors. Therefore, a well-designed hang tag printing can make or break any sale.


    Hang tag printing can make a mark if you can make it attractive for your customers. It can be as simple as a logo with your company or brand name, or you may also add a twist by hiring a graphic designer to come up with something that uniquely matches your overall brand image. You must remember to choose the best paper stocks, finishes like die-cut or embossed, and, last but not least, a reliable printing service like 4OVER4.