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    What Makes A Stunning Landing Page In 2021?

    What Makes A Stunning Landing Page In 2021?

    A landing page is one of the notable elements of inbound marketing strategies. There is no rocket science behind it, but you must understand the requisites to create an effective landing page.

    Businesses often choose to have perfect online marketing campaigns with fully optimized PPC ads, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the need for a landing page. It has the power to grab the attention of people visiting the website and persuade them to complete a conversion.

    What Makes A Stunning Landing Page In 2021?

    Video Illustration

    Only a professional understands the fundamentals of designing a good landing page. Let us go deeper and look at it's current importance.

    What is a Landing Page and What is its Purpose?

    It is a space that helps to create the first impression.

    Many landing pages are a big turn-off for visitors. With loud color schemes, vague price options, and overcrowded with text and links, some pages fail to communicate a specific and clear message. A few are however designed to convey particular messages accurately and attain higher conversion rates.

    The landing page prompts people to click and perform an action when they visit your site, taking a keen interest in your advertisement. Be it subscription, registration, or purchase, a minimalistic page with one call-to-action button can increase the conversion rates. It becomes more important if you have PPC ads running to drive traffic.

    Without a flawless page design and a call-to-action button, your business is most likely to suffer, but you’re sure to benefit if you have one. Are you wondering how?



    For example, you have a business card printing company with a good client base, but the recent pandemic affected your physical business. What should you do? How can you get the same revenue even during the pandemic or in a similar situation?

    Creating a specifically designed page can be of great help. The use of pleasant color shades and a balance of text and white spaces can enhance the look and feel of your page. You may add a high-quality and attractive image or video of your product/service and a product description to help your existing clients order their print products online with just one click. Adding a call-to-action button with some discounts on purchases above a certain value can also make your landing page highly noticeable among both old and new customers.

    Types of Landing Pages

    Are you aware that landing pages can be of different types, and adding a video on your page can increase the conversion rate?

    What Makes A Stunning Landing Page In 2021?

    According to Smart Insights 2019, marketers added videos on landing pages that increased conversions by 80-86%.

    A while back, I came across this statistic that made me Google how to present the landing page differently. To my surprise, there are seven ways in which you may present your landing page.


    In this type of page, the offer details are clearly mentioned. As soon as you click on the offer, you are transferred to the checkout page for making the purchase. If you doubt the company after clicking on the advertisement, you may Google it straightaway to find out more about it. Click through pages work effectively when you have some direct offer without any serious customer concerns.

    Lead Capture

    If you want to gather some personal information like name, phone numbers, address, email IDs, birthdays, etc., about the people visiting your site, get the page designed by professionals like 4OVER4. This collected data is later used for marketing, and the visitors get a catalog, ebook, brochure, or some deal in exchange for sharing the data. It is also referred to as a squeeze page. If you wish to build an email list, get a lead-capture landing page design.

    What Makes A Stunning Landing Page In 2021?

    Capture Leads


    As the name suggests, these 50ft long-form landing pages need you to scroll a lot. They use formal language as opposed to casual language. Once you read it halfway, you may get a once-in-a-lifetime exclusive deal that attracts you to go through the complete message.

    Viral Landing Pages

    These pages usually include an engaging video or a game that you can’t ignore but have to share. Funny videos or fun flash games focusing mainly on the products with rare mention of the company name is what you can find in viral landing pages.

    Product Detail Page

    This page is incorporated into the main website with all the relevant product details. It is dedicated solely to inform about the products up for sale. As it is integrated into the website, there are several distractions like banners, links, navigation, etc., within the product detail page. It can disturb the customers and divert them from the intended action and lead to confusion in tracking the success of the campaigns.


    What Makes A Stunning Landing Page In 2021?


    If you are planning an extensive campaign, microsites can be helpful. According to campaign relevance and their timing, microsites are small additional websites having a unique web URL that is branded just for that marketing campaign. If you plan to promote an event, concert, or movie, design a fully functional microsite.


    In this landing page, marketers usually aim for elaborate campaigns that redirect the clients to the companies website homepage. Small companies or businesses offering one service or product can choose the homepage as their landing page. Homepage provides a cluster of links and information to the visitors who clicks on an online advertisement and reach the site. It is expensive and not an effective one because there are too many distractions on the way.

    Best Practices for a Good Landing Page

    A focused page design is one that effectively measures your campaign from its start to the end. You may tweak the copy of your advertisement, message, or offers until there are some positive results.

    What Makes A Stunning Landing Page In 2021?


    The best type of landing page usually depends on your campaign goals. Note that conversion rates improve by 25% when you choose a standalone landing page compared to sending visitors to your homepage. Apart from that, your landing page needs are as follows-

    • The screen where the visitors click first on the landing page must have an impressive heading and body text with relevant keywords, a catchy hook line, and finally, a call-to-action.
    • Engaging and visible buttons and forms should be generously spread throughout the page to increase the chances of conversions.
    • Ensure that that the page is well-optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. This is because 75% of your traffic comes from people using 6-inch screens.
    • Think of your landing page as the top-performing salesman that creates the landing page message matching the best sales pitch, covers the benefits in a logical flow, and smoothly walks the customers through your products and services.
    • A high-quality sales video showcasing your products and services in the best possible way is a must in 2021 to generate highly qualified leads. The clients must understand the benefits of buying from you in the video.


    Have you used different types of landing pages for your campaign? Which type gave you the best results? Now that you know the different types of landing pages, their purpose, and best practices to create them, consider having them for your campaigns. You will not regret your decision. Share your experiences with us, and if you want to create a fully optimized landing page, click on the link below.