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    Ways Your Small Business can say Thank You this Thanksgiving

    Ways Your Small Business can say Thank You this Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving day is not just about the turkey and stuffing, at the heart of it all is showing our gratitude to those that have in some way, great or small, enriched our lives.  That being said, your small business should set itself apart and reach out to its customers with words of THANKS.  We’re not talking about putting on a grandiose show or spending exorbitant amounts of money, just a genuine sign of appreciation.

    Whether it’s your first year in business or your 20th, the basic principles apply.  All customers want to know that the businesses they support appreciate and acknowledge their loyalty.  They want to feel special.  They want to know that you are as thankful for their business as they are for your products and services. Let this year be the year that you give thanks to those that keep your dream alive and your small business thriving.  Here are the ABCs of how to say “Thank you” to your valued clients and customers:
    1. Pick up the phone.  Simple, costs virtually nothing and is way better than an email. For Small Business this might a possibility for VIPs or particularly regular clients.  A phone call to wish customers a Happy Thanksgiving and express your appreciation differentiates you from the competition.  Don’t leave a voicemail message, call back and have a live conversation - take the time to provide them with a unique promo gift.

    1. Send out cards.  A great and most personal way to say Thank you is with a simple greeting card.  Order Thanksgiving cards with your company name and a genuine message to show your gratitude.  If possible, personally sign all your cards to make them more meaningful.  Your customers will appreciate the added effort.

      Remember to not pitch any new products or ask for a sale.  Your main objective is to show your gratitude and wish your clients a happy holiday. greeting
    1. Promo gifts that say Thanks.  If you want to go the extra mile, consider sending customers promotional gifts.  We’re not talking huge gourmet baskets or a catered lunch, just a little show of gratitude.  You might want to send magnet buttons with your company name and a fall nature scene with the words “Thank you” or just plain cute magnets.

      A little pricier but still affordable are custom mugs.  Everyone loves free custom coffee mugs whether you are a coffee drinker or not.  Personalize them with your company logo and add a message like “Good customers make our job easy”.
    1. Banners.  For businesses that want to reach all their customers and the local community at large, banners are perfect for communicating your feelings.  Custom design vinyl banners with a “Happy Thanksgiving” message and an autumnal theme and hang them outside your storefront or across your warehouse.

      Don’t worry about inclement weather, outdoor banners are made of UV resistant vinyl.  They are a terrific investment because the can be easily rolled up and stored for the following year.  A show of gratitude that can be used for years to come. thanks
    1. A round of applause for your own.  The most important thank you of all is the one reserved for your staff.  Without these hard working, talented people, your business would not be where it is today.  A healthy and happy staff is one that feels appreciated, so take the time to say thank you and acknowledge their loyalty and daily efforts.

      Take your gratitude a step further and order company t shirts for your employees.  Print your business logo on the front and add a saying on the back, “stronger together”. thank

    Thanksgiving is a time of reflection.  Take the time to contemplate all the things that you should be grateful for both at work and home.  Come up with meaningful ways to show your appreciation to those who positively impacted your business and personal growth.  Share the ways you say thanks with us below!