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    Top Trends for Summer Wedding Invitation

    Top Trends for Summer Wedding Invitation
    Planning your summer wedding? Design your suite of wedding invitations and make them elegant with velvet touch paper, or prestige stock with an elegant center color seam. Wedding invitations have never been more breathtaking, as top designers are offering gorgeous, intricate designs on luxurious paper, turning each piece into a work of art. As a matter of fact, trendy couples in New York City are having their unique wedding invitations framed to display in their homes. Classic, vintage, monogrammed or animated – there are a myriad of styles to choose from when it comes to your summer wedding invitations. In order to be consistent in terms of wedding theme, keep in mind that the wedding invite design must be carried through to response cards, reception place cards, menus, and save the date reminders. Make the day even more personalized with custom wine bottle labels and premium drink coasters. To help inspire your wedding stationery design, we’ve collected the top trends for summer wedding invitation trends for 2016. Take a peek at these ten trending wedding invitation ideas that evoke summer, sun and romance!
    Trend # 1: Botanicals [caption id="attachment_7257" align="aligncenter" width="564"]wedding-trends-1 Source[/caption]
    In 2016, the nature trend will be all about the meadows, wildflowers and the countryside. We’ll also see intricate botanical illustrations, such as hand drawings and sketched imagery. As everyone would expect, shades of green, which denote luck, are popular. Green perfectly suits pink, which represents compassion and universal love. Green and pink is a romantic combination with a fresh feel, suitable for a summer wedding. Get the look with velvet laminated inviations the paper does half the work for you and even a simple design like the one above, looks rich and luscious on it - the velvet texture will have everyone anticipating the big day.
    Trend # 2: Neutral Shades [caption id="attachment_7258" align="aligncenter" width="564"]wedding-trends-2 Source[/caption]
    From shades of tan to elegant ivory, cardstock for 2016 summer wedding invitations in sophisticated neutral tones will enhance the subtlety of pastel color themed graphics. Neutral shades have become a chic alternative to white wedding invitations, because they convey a sense of elegance via their wording and design. Consider an 18pt cream uncoated cover stock to make those hues pop and fade with ease and sophistication.
    Trend #3: Foliage
    Foliage illustrations will be seen all year round. Perfect for summer weddings, tones of green add a sense of freshness to the event. Also popular will be tropical foliage consisting of bright colors, lush greens, birds of paradise and maybe even some pineapple prints like we have seen on the runway! This foliage trend is perfect for outdoor, garden weddings.
    Tend #4: Calligraphy [caption id="attachment_7261" align="aligncenter" width="564"]wedding-trends-4-1 Source[/caption]
    Unique wedding fonts and ornate calligraphy are “IN” for summer wedding invitations in 2016. We will be seeing fewer standard fonts with a push towards more artistic ones.  The latest trend is custom fonts created just for the bride and groom that fully express their love and personalities. As mentioned earlier, wedding invitations have become a work of art, it’s the lettering that takes the design to the next level and ties everything together. Nothing makes lettering pop like metallic foil lamination - the hot foil process that makes anything look gilded in gold. Try our invitations and check out the potential finishes.
    Trend #5: Indigo [caption id="attachment_7260" align="aligncenter" width="564"]wedding-trends-4 Source[/caption]
    A combination of navy blue and purple, indigo is said to represent spirituality and trustworthiness, making it a meaningful color for weddings. This year there will be a sea of blue, especially indigo. Shades of blue can be adapted to one's style preference.  Deeper shades can give a sophisticated look for a formal event. Lighter shades like sky blue and teal can give a summery look for a casual beach affair. Combine indigo with white or yellow for a crisp look, or metallic for added glamour.
    Trend # 6: Custom Shapes
    Rectangular invitations might be too traditional for the more creative wedding couples, so unique shapes such as circular or frame will become a top trend for summer wedding invitations. Nevertheless, keep in mind that these non-traditional, die-cut wedding invitations will cost a little more than the traditional rectangular invitations.
    Trend # 7: Damask and Floral Patterns
    Adding a delicate motif to invites, these pretty designs top the 2016 summer wedding trends list. To make the best use of Damask and floral patterns, just make sure to carry the design into other elements such as the floral accents on the wedding gown, floral arrangements and the wedding cake icing patterns for a unified look.  
    Trend #8: PANTONE’s 2016 Colors of the Year [caption id="attachment_7263" align="aligncenter" width="624"] Source[/caption]
    Serenity (a periwinkle blue) and Rose Quartz (a soft pink), Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year, are two gorgeous pastel shades which work well for any summer wedding. You can do so much with this color combo. You can use a subtle wash of color in Rose Quartz, adding beautiful visual interest to an otherwise standard invitation. You could also channel a beachy vibe on your invites with under-the-sea corals. Again, Serenity can be featured on the lettering and the corals. To carry out your color theme throughout your big day, why not dress your bridesmaids in Rose Quartz or Serenity strapless dresses, ideal for a summer affair.
    Trend #9: Chandeliers [caption id="attachment_7259" align="aligncenter" width="564"]wedding-trends-3 Source[/caption]
    The chandelier motif, which was also popular in 2015, will remain on the list of 2016 summer wedding trends. By using this elegant motif on your invitations, you can easily tie it into your venues extravagant ballroom adorned with stunning, crystal chandeliers. An elegant way to present that Sia reference, is that gold paper. We have Pearl Gold Paper (just like the one above) with matching envelopes,  for both folded and flat invites, the best part is that this shimmering stock is FSC certified and recyclable, biodegradable, acid free, and elemental chlorine free. 
    Trend #10: Engagement Photo couple-1030744_640
    For those couples on a tight budget, your engagement photo can play double duty and appear on save the date reminders as well as the wedding invite itself. Wedding etiquette rules are OUT! Now that amazing photo you took to commemorate your engagement can be used to personalize your wedding day as well. Best of all, personalizing your wedding suite with your photo is extremely affordable! Ready to join the trend and stand out with summer wedding invitations that are “all the rage”? Check out our wide array of invitation printing services, from flat invitations to velvet laminated invitations. Our breathtaking paper selection can help you create a truly exquisite summer wedding invite to memorialize this celebration of love, friends and family.