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    Emma Davis

    Content writer

    Apr 9, 2011 Clap 1629 ViewCopy Link

    Tips for Streamlining Your Catalog Printing - 060

    Tips for Streamlining Your Catalog Printing - 060

    Select colors for your catalog cover in keeping with your business brand. Keep in mind that a good light-dark contrast between printed text and the background makes your catalog easier to read, and reserve designer lettering for titles. Your product descriptions should be printed in a standard font, such as Arial or Verdana, for ease of reading. If your business sells products, catalog printing is a great way to showcase your inventory. With the convenience of online printing, you can design your catalog in-house, then email the files via to the company that handles your business printing. Your custom printing company has the equipment to print your catalog in full color, and at minimum expense. To produce a stellar catalog while avoiding costly mistakes, keep the following catalog printing concepts in mind. Design Tips The cover of your business catalog should feature one or a group of your most popular products. Your business name should figure prominently on both the front and back cover, and your website address and phone number must be easy for customers to locate, both on the cover and on every page of your catalog. Your product pages should include crisp and attractive photos for the greatest sales impact. The upper, outside corner of each page is the most eye-catching for customers who flip through catalogs, so the products you place there will get the most attention. Avoid the impulse to pack each page with products. In order to optimize the impact of each item in your catalog, make creative use of white space. Think of each photo and description as a work of art, the white space the frame. Categorize your products in sections according to how your typical customer might expect to find them; for example, for a clothing catalog, show your outerwear in one section, your underwear in another. Provide a table of contents at the beginning for quick reference. Printing Considerations Businesses most often select an 8 3/8" by 10 7/8" paper platform for catalog printing, folded to create 32 interior pages, plus the cover. If your product list is too extensive to fit this format, try adding pages in increments of 4, because each two-sided paper surface, folded in half, creates 4 new pages. Your online printing company can recommend good paper and cover stock selections that suit your business printing or custom printing requirements, while staying within your marketing budget. And remember to visit to check our complete line of papers for all your printing needs, might they be canvas prints, sticker printing or brochure printing.