These Creative Outdoor Advertising Examples Will Inspire You

There are many billboards and outdoor banners on the street, but what makes them successful is whether or not they leave a long-lasting impression on their audience. Advertising needs to serve a purpose, not only selling the product, but also making people identify themeselves with the brand and company that manufactures it. That’s why wherever we see the half-eaten apple we already know what the product is, with no need for words. But there are agencies that stand out from the rest, for doing exactly this in the most creative way possible; they sell you a product using clever outdoor advertising that won’t let you forget about it. ONG’s, medical centers and many other organizations are no strangers to using outdoor ads. This can make the difference for them, helping save lives, raise awareness about a cause or receive donations to continue the good work. We have collected some of the most memorable outdoor advertising, to show you the impact they can have on the viewer.

Allstate Insurance

Cedars Sinai Spine Center


Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada


Hair Club


Hot Wheels 

IBM Smarter Ideas Wrong Job


Lego Imagine


Panasonic Safety Cutting System


Penline Tape


OBI Renovate


Schick Exact


Siose Anti Perspirant Roll-on Deodorant for Men


Smart Car: Small is Beautiful


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