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    The Rapid Growth of the E-Readers

    The Rapid Growth of the E-Readers

    E-reading without a doubt has quickly become a favorite for many people. The world of books has drastically moved from the usual printing to being sold digitally. This explains the big rise in the use of e-readers. By all means, we can all understand why people are quickly switching to e-readers such as Kindle, Nook, or Sony. This is mainly because we live in the digital era. In an era where everyone including a child who is 6 years old owns a smartphone.

    How Common Are The E-Readers?

    According to research done by Pew Research Center, it showed that Ownership of e-book readers like the original Kindle and Nook jumped from 10% in December to 19% in January, and ownership of tablet computers such as iPads and Kindle Fires increased from 10% in mid-December to 19% in January. In all, 29% of Americans age 18 and older own at least one specialized device for e-book reading – either a tablet or an e-book reader. The Rapid Growth of the E-Readers E-readers have come to help people in numerous ways. Let’s look at some of the benefits that come with e-readers. Personally, the fact of being able to carry a lot of stuff within a small package(e-readers) for me is quite appealing. Also, and maybe even more important, being able to download on the fly just about anything you can imagine or that your taste buds crave. This opens up a whole new dimension where you no longer have to depend on what the purchasing manager decides to put on the shelves. People no longer have to go to bookshops and line up to get a book. They just need a good internet connection and just download the book. As easy as that. Another pro is that with e-reading, you can adjust the font size to suit your eye-sight, unlike an actual book. It also saves on space as you no longer need a bookshelf to arrange books on. The Rapid Growth of the E-Readers Source E-reading is cheaper than buying books. Books are without a doubt more expensive but e-books are 80% cheaper than physical books. A printed book may cost over $30.00 while its digital counterpart can cost as little as $3.00! 10 times less than the printed one! More authors can sell their books through e-books since the cost of publishing, which is normally a huge amount is no longer in play. Another benefit of e-readers is that one has access to a vast collection of books of any niche. One can get any type of book they desire. With e-readers, you can have access to audiobooks that you can listen to as you drive or when you are resting. E-books are also very easy to update since they are cloud-based. You can also share your book collection with friends and form an online book club. Not to mention you can connect your account to as many devices as possible. The Rapid Growth of the E-Readers It’s needless to say we can’t exhaust the advantages that come with e-readers. In return, small businesses such as bookstores will have to adapt to this. They can offer the e-readers to customers who enjoy them and charge them a fee. Switch up your bookstore by also stocking e-readers so that you can lure more people in. Business people can attract people to purchase e-readers by using standard label packaging or premium custom label packaging from us. Also having header cards for retail packaging will go a long way in showing customers the price of the e-readers. Now, what does this mean for printing companies? Well, it’s a very delicate point indeed as for many publishers it’s cheaper to use electronic methods of distribution because they can begin to sell their publication immediately instead of waiting for it to be massively printed for consumption. But publishing has not yet fazed off. History shows us that there’s still a lot of roads ahead for printed products like magazines and books why? Well because amid the existence of these devices, many will still prefer to have things “the old fashioned way”. People like to go to a newsstand and see the covers and pick their preferred newspaper and/or magazines like that. I enjoy walking into a library or bookstore and read or buy a book.

    In Conclusion…

    E-readers are undoubtedly growing at a fast pace. This calls upon business people who sell them to make them attractive enough for customers to make them attractive to customers by using great packaging labels and fantastic packages. This will ensure you draw in people. We can’t stand in the way of technology but we can definitely move and adapt to it.