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    The Best Online Printing Companies for Small Businesses

    The Best Online Printing Companies for Small Businesses

    Online printing started in the early 90s with desktop publishing for companies and individuals. Since then, many other companies have cropped up. All these new companies have come up with new innovations as an improvement of what old companies lack.

    As a result, services and products have drastically improved as new companies try their best to outdo the competition. In this rush to capture a chunk of the market share, the consumers are the beneficiaries.

    The Best Online Printing Companies for Small Businesses

    Delivery of business cards ordered online

    The evolution of the online printing industry

    The Best Online Printing Companies for Small Businesses

    The industry has grown over the years and data shows that this growth is likely to continue exponentially. According to Ibis World, the market size of the online printing industry has grown at an annual average rate of 1.6% from 2016 to 2021. The stats further revealed that the industry is expected to increase at a rate of 1.7% in 2021.

    Of all the downsides that came with Covid-19, online purchasing grew in leaps and bounds. This is because the shelter in place and stay-at-home orders made people saw an increase in the number of people working from home. 2020 was the year that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos saw his wealth soar astronomically. Due to the demand in online sales, Forbes says that his fortune surged beyond $200 billion.

    The continued growth of e-commerce is promising and online printing may become the main way to get printing done. As of now, its market size is $10.9 billion in 2021.

    The Best Online Printing Companies for Small Businesses

    Partner with an online printing business that will help you meet your needs

    A partner for your online printing needs

    It’s essential that you choose the best online printing company which will partner with you successfully.

    4OVER4 has been in business for the past 20 years during which time we've perfected the services and products we offer. This time has given us experience from studying clients' needs and figuring out their pain points.

    The Best Online Printing Companies for Small Businesses

    Fast turnarounds and fast shipping save you valuable time when you choose online printing

    Online printing saves you time

    Turnaround time is key to making more profit by serving more customers. Nowadays, customers patronize companies that assure them of fast service. Someone said that peoples' threshold of patience has drastically decreased. In the early 2000s, it used to be 0.15 seconds but now it’s 0.08 seconds.

    In 4OVER4, the shipping time is also prioritized. For example, die-cut products take not less than 4 days in other companies. This is because of the complexity of the process and formation of a die. At 4OVER4 we use a digital cutter so the turnaround time can be one day.

    Fast die-cutting

    Adding to the point on die-cutting, instant pricing is also a major challenge. The challenges arise from the formation of a die that fits a customer’s order. There are businesses that order very unique and irregularly shaped prints.

    You have to wait for the final product to be sampled so that they can give you quotes for bulk orders. At 4OVER4, years of constant innovation have allowed us to use digital die cutting which is fast and stunningly accurate. It means you get quality and speed at the same time. Regardless of the quantity, you can get instant pricing on our instant calculator.

    As you are budgeting and planning for your orders, you don’t have to take a lot of time waiting to know the price.

    The Best Online Printing Companies for Small Businesses

    You can get free business cards and free shipping

    Free Business Cards

    Ever heard of people giving away free business cards? 4OVER4’s free business cards come with a free shipping offer that is unmatched by other players in the market.

    Business cards have never become obsolete. The statistics have always emphasized that customers judge a business based on how the business card looks.

    It’s all about winning in business when you partner with a company that eases the process and these services come at a much cheaper price.

    How do I get Free Business Cards?

    You can get free business cards by performing simple tasks on the site. Share an article on your Social Media channels or review our products on Social Media and on our site. You can also get free business cards when you review our products on Google reviews.

    You need to accumulate 500 coins for you to get free business cards. Every time you shop from us you earn some coins. With your coins, you can either get free business cards, other products or Amazon gift cards.

    To access these benefits, you must conduct business through the new My Influence page which gives you more control and authority over your interaction with the company and website. It works like a reward system that has a bank account.

    The widest range of business cards

    There are so many types of business cards. They vary in type, material, finish, thickness, target market, and so on. At 4OVER4 you can get any type of business card that's currently in the market. They come with a nice variety of finishes including:

    · Gloss lamination

    · Diamond glitter

    · Velvet lamination

    · Silk lamination

    · Kraft business cards and so much more.

    The durable plastic cards that you can choose from our online printing website offer you class, prestige, and unquestionable durability. Our 30 mil plastic cards are even thicker than a credit card and come in three types:

    · Frosted

    · Clear

    · White

    A diverse collection of 3D lenticular products

    In the spirit of continuous experimentation and innovation, I highly recommend that you look through our collection of 3D lenticular products. You can have 3D lenticular business cards, postcards, posters, stickers, notebooks, bookmarks and so much more.

    3D lenticular cards have been made with well-refined technology. They help your company get more space for advertising while at the same time mesmerizing audiences. With lenticular images, you can include multiple images and designs in your products.

    The main intention of prints is to leave an indelible mark in the minds and hearts of audiences. 4OVER4 holds your hand as a small business that intends to increase its market share. This group of products doesn’t cost a premium but deliver an impressive ROI.

    The Best Online Printing Companies for Small Businesses

    With the right business partner, it will be easy to increase your margins


    I and many other people like me have known that online printing has lots of monetary benefits. It’s essential that you choose a company that will deliver value as well as with speed, amazing customer service, and quality. Look through our website and take advantage of the instant calculator to plan your budget immediately. Also take note of the services and products such as our exclusive die-cut offerings and bring out your uniqueness.

    Get Free Business Cards