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    Stunning Motivational Posters - 6 Steps To Future Proofing Small Business

    Stunning Motivational Posters - 6 Steps To Future Proofing Small Business

    This question has been doing a lot of rounds on social media. What brought about digital transformation in your business? Was it intentionally included in your budget or did COVID-19 force you to adjust? Most of the business owners who answered this question admitted that they were forced to adjust. This means that COVID-19 is not only a pandemic but also a disruption. In this article we are going to see the basic steps to take and how motivational posters come in.

    This pandemic and the economic turmoil that has accompanied it is a solid example of why businesses should be made future proof. Yes, it was impossible to foresee such a disaster but there is something we can do. According to a report from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 40% of businesses do not reopen following a disaster. On top of that, another 25% fail within one year. It is about time that business owners looked beyond their normal ecosystem and always anticipate change. So how do you go about future-proofing your business?

    Do Not Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

    You might have been successful with one product but now you need to diversify. This is how you increase your chances of survival. Of course, this goes against the advice of specializing but new products are your gateway to new customers. A good example is that of soap manufacturers who have now resorted to making sanitizers. Textile industries in Africa have resorted to making masks and uniforms for health care workers. Carpenters are making custom hospital beds. Necessity is the mother of invention but don’t wait for the necessity to be your inspiration. You might get the shock of your life.

    Engage Your Customers Using New Strategies

    The customer of today is not the customer of yesterday. This means that customers now have different tastes and expectations. What worked in 2019 will definitely not help you during the Post COVID Season. If you do not adjust, you will find it very hard to acquire new customers or even retain the ones that you have. If you have not been doing live videos, this is the time to tear the veil and go live. The age of social distancing means you socialize with customers online. As for paper ads, nobody is going out to pick the paper.

    Anticipate The Future Today with Motivational Posters

    Ask yourself the impossible questions. Be intentional about problem-solving. This of course calls for powerful imagination and experience in the industry that you are dealing with. Don’t worry, Henry Ford imagined cars when people were just satisfied with horses. Find out the possible points of failure or risks in your business. Could it be that you are over-relying on a particular employee, product, method, or even software? Find the gaps and fill them. Put up motivational posters or black and white posters that challenge your staff to think ahead. If you are looking for where to get posters printed, 4OVER4 has got your back.

    Digitize Your Assets - Motivational Posters

    The majority of small business owners operate from a brick and mortar store. That is good but make things better by making your services and products available online. That is one mode of digitization. You can also digitize your motivational posters, accounting books, and documents. In my view, the following steps would be an upgrade:

    • Ensuring you have good online customer care systems

    • Creating social media pages if you didn’t have any

    • Ensuring your website is user friendly, improving your SEO.

    Observe What Is Going On Around you

    If you want to be relevant in the future then you need to open your eyes to your surroundings. Acquaint yourself with the up and coming developments even if they are not related to your line of business. You do not want what happened to Kodak and Yahoo to happen to you. You are never too big to be overtaken by change. Consumer habits have changed dramatically hence the need to watch out for factors that could directly impact your business.

    Create An Environment with Motivational Posters That Fosters Innovation

    Do not be the boss that knows it all. Your employees have great ideas and it would be good if you gave them opportunities to showcase what they have in mind. For you to be relevant in the future, you need a think tank. Have ears everywhere. Send your staff to events, buy courses or motivational posters for them. Praise them when they do something commendable. Custom motivational posters will do great.

    Creating an environment that fosters innovation also calls for consistent communication. The post COVID era demands that we practice good hygiene and social distancing. These habits seem to become a norm when people are constantly reminded. The use of banners, stickers, labels, and posters are therefore a necessity in passing along this message. At 4OVER4, we care about small businesses and print all the necessary Post COVID essentials to ensure that you reopen safely. Go ahead and start future-proofing your investment.