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    Stunning Folded Business Card to Maximize Your Business Image

    Stunning Folded Business Card to Maximize Your Business Image

    Folded Business card demand is increasing every day at a fast pace as it's one of the dashing business cards design. Research has it that 27 million business cards are printed DAILY. Sales increase by 2.5% for every 2000 business cards that get passed out according to Small business rainmaker.

    According to Navitor, most historians believe that business cards have their roots in visiting-cards originally used in 15th century China. These cards were used by aristocrats and royalty to announce their arrival to their hosts. The visiting cards were then turned into trade cards. Traditionally, business cards have been printed in black ink on white paper. However, like trade cards before them, eye-catching and creative business cards have been around for some time. Business cards should be a business person's best friend and should be carried 24/7. The reason being, you don’t know who you can meet on the road, in the gym, at the mall, grocery store, etc. Your potential customers are everywhere. Everywhere anytime. All business cards are appealing, but you have to be extra to get noticed. Do you know what goes well with extra? Folded business cards! With such cards, you are sure to make jaws drop. The uniqueness of them will make everyone pay attention to your business and get curious.

    Where to get folded business cards

    Unsure On Where To Get Folded Business Cards

    Business cards, in general, are sacred to a business, and getting the right one is key. With folded business cards, you can get them from print companies like ABC printing, Foote printing, etc. However, you will need to get them from a company that knows its way around print. A company that has excellent customer care, that will guide you through your ordering process. You need to be spoiled of choice starting from having various size options to different paper types at your disposal. A company that has a quick turnaround time of 1–6 days and that is willing to give you a price match request if you find a better deal. You deserve a company that provides all this so that you get quality folded business cards.

    Folded Business Card

    You can research online for fantastic folded business card templates that can give you amazing ideas on how you want yours to look. Having a folded business card is like having a winning lottery ticket! It makes your business image stand-out.

    Why use folded business cards

    Folded business cards look more creative and appealing than regular business cards. The business world is very competitive. Having bland cards won't give your business the justice it deserves. A folded card breaks the traditional norm of business cards. Having your business cards folded increased the likelihood that your business card will be kept! With folded business cards, you get more space than regular business cards. Instead of the usual two sides, you get four! Let’s face it, with business cards, you want to sell yourself as much, but often you don’t have space. But folded business cards come to the rescue and lets you get ample space to market yourself. You can even add a map to your business or services listing.

    They are versatile. With the added space, you can use them as appointment cards. You can make the inside of your folded business card an appointment reminder. I know of a businessman who uses his folded business cards as appointment cards. He runs a consulting firm. In his line of business, clients need to have appointments since they don’t allow walk-ins. In this way when he goes to any event or meets someone who sparks interest in his business, he gives them the business cards and writes the appointment date of when they can come in. He kills two birds with one stone!

    Folded business cards are affordable. If you consider all the value they are bringing to your business, they are very affordable. The size of the card with the vast space, when leveraged nicely, bring huge returns. These returns can be larger than that of posters and brochures. You can get 100 pieces of folded business cards for $45.00.

    To sum up…

    I am a believer in business cards and all the benefits they bring. But am a  stauncher believer in folded business cards. They are modern and chic. Combined with how effective and flexible they are, they have a special place in my heart. The fold gives the cards an elevated look. Which is critical if you want to make a mark. So what are you waiting for? Ditch your boring business cards and up your game with folded business cards. The best part is that they are budget-friendly and you can opt to have the corners rounded for a more memorable look or better yet have it die cut!