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    Stunning Brochure Printing - Make Your Brochures Noticeable

    Stunning Brochure Printing - Make Your Brochures Noticeable

    It’s a fact that brochure printing is becoming more common as many companies are now feeling the need to incorporate brochures into their marketing and advertising strategies.

    Brochure printing keeps evolving each day as technology improves. Brochures were invented by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century. They continued to have a powerful influence in the 18th century as they were widely used for political purposes. Fast forward to the 1980s when brochures advanced even more due to the introduction of computers which introduced improved design graphics. Today, 30 years later, brochure printing has become one of the most powerful advertising tools.

    According to Design Hill, 80% of people consider visiting the business they saw in brochures.

    What to include in brochure printing?

    We’ve all been handed a brochure at one point or gone to an office and saw a brochure displayed. This shows competition is stiff and your brochures need to stand out for them to lure customers.

    Brochure Print Illustration

    Things to do to make your direct mail brochures noticeable include:

    • Attractive images- The first thing that should capture the attention of people, is the images you decide to use. People are becoming more and more visual as it’s proven that most people tend to remember images than texts. Use an image that is in line with your message and an image with a high resolution. Structure your images well, blend them with the brochure colors and align them appropriately.

    • Include your unique offer- Why should people choose you over your competitors? What's your unique selling point? What benefit will people receive? It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, every business should have a unique offer that its competitors don’t. Be sure to include it. It doesn’t have to be a big offer, even if you offer something as simple as same-day delivery, you need to include it. It will help people decide in your favor.
    • Contacts, website, and social media information- Nothing disappoints a customer more than them getting interested in what you have to offer after they see your brochure but they don't see a way to reach you. Make it possible for clients to reach you by including your contact information. If possible, list your company's phone number, email address, and street address. If you have social pages then include them so that they can learn more about your brand. If you decide to include a social media page then include one that is active and that has a lot of information about your business. Websites are important since clients will be able to learn more about your projects, prices, and work ethics. Have all this information listed.
    • Write a story- You need to master the art of storytelling so that people can easily read your brochures. Have a great flow for your brochure by making the points flow from one item to another systematically and the reader can follow your businesses' journey. This will help them keep their focus on your brochure and read all of it. Having a story helps humanize your brand so that readers relate to it and become more likely to convert to buyers.

    • Call to action- Include the action that you expect readers to take after reading your brochures. Make the call clear and convey to the reader what will happen if they act. Examples of compelling brochures to include in brochures include "Book an appointment with us today", "Join us today" etc.
    • Use great fonts- You want your brochures to be easy to read. Keep the fonts simple and a good size. Let your target audience be able to read through it without struggling. The headlines should be bigger than the rest of the content.
    • Brochure printing design- How you present your brochures to customers matters a great deal. You may decide to go for tri-fold brochures instead of the regular rectangular brochures. This will make a good impression on people who see them and inspire them to read your brochures.

    Where to buy brochures

    You can use brochure printing templates that you can manipulate to your liking before having them printed out. When deciding on the company to work with, make sure they have different types of brochure printing examples that you can draw inspiration from not to mention different types of brochure folds at your disposal.

    You also want to work with a company that has a team of experts to help you in case you need any clarification and that offers free online proof.