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    Stickers and labels, materials. - 019

    Stickers and labels, materials. - 019

    Stickers and labels are valuable tools in indicating what is inside a container, and that container can be anything from a vehicle exposed to outdoor conditions to a cardboard box sitting on a store shelf. Those intended for indoor use may not survive exposure to the elements. One catch-all type of stickers will not perform well in all environments.

    Protection against rain, sun, and alternating heat and cold requires a specific type of printed stick to ensure long life. Labels intended for packaging products inside a protected warehouse may demand the use of abrasion-resistant coatings, security features, or high-end signature product labels, for example. When it is time to place an online printing order for custom stickers, consider all the factors before pushing the “Order Now” button. Stickers and labels used in outdoor applications are most often made of most white vinyl and transparent polyester, both using UV-resistant inks for the lettering. The transparent polyester printed stickers are very durable with a lifespan of 3-5 years. Ordering custom stickers with an adhesive face allows them to be mounted on the inside of a window. This type of mounting can be very long-lasting because the printed face is not exposed directly to moisture. Stickers and labels intended for indoor use may not need the same level of waterproofing as outdoor printed stickers. Online printing allows a customer to select the material the items will be apply to. For instance, a foil label is a nice touch on glass bottles but may receive too much abrasion when applied to clothing or machinery. The usual label materials for indoor use include foil, lightweight vinyl, transparent polyester, and various coated papers. Special effects are achieved through the use of thin metal sheets, holographic images, and four-color printing. Low-cost printed stickers for application to boxes may require nothing more than a basic black ink. Specialty indoor applications could also include vinyl decals, often presented as “swag” during trade shows and business expositions. Lettering and logos applied to these items are usually vinyl-based and show varying degrees of durability. Online printing providers offer most of the above options as sheets or rolls. There is also some choice of adhesives, inks, and backing materials. A price quote is based on a combination of the these components, especially when a request is made for custom labels.