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    Sticker Printing Basics - 119

    Sticker Printing Basics - 119


    Many businesses are now using custom printing of stickers to advertise their company, logo, products or events. Ordering custom stickers is easier than ever today, and online printing companies like are ready to handle all size sticker jobs quickly and with excellent results. One big benefit to using online printing companies like for sticker production is that they have experienced designers to help you to create stickers. Many stickers are very small, and knowing how to maximize use of that space is essential.

    Some questions to look at when planning sticker printing include the following: 1. What is the purpose of the sticker? Is it for practical purposes, such as product labeling, or is it for fun? 2. How many are needed? 3. What size and shape is desired? 4. Will the sticker end up being placed indoors or outdoors? Outdoor stickers should have some UV protection and be weatherproof. 5. How will these stickers be distributed? If they will be mailed, stickers need to be sized to fit a particular envelope size. 6. Do the stickers need to have special qualities, such as being removable? A reliable online printing company like will have information for you about various types of custom printing for stickers, how much longevity to expect from a certain type of sticker, design assistance, and a good delivery service. Look for customer endorsements or comments. Ask if they can send you some free samples of their work. Sticker production is a specialty area of business printing; using a reliable online service can save both time and money in the long run. There are many options to consider when planning sticker production. Stickers are available in many different styles and shapes. Many companies start with logo stickers, window decals, bumper stickers, or custom die cut stickers. There are some stock shapes available, including circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, stars, hearts and other ready-made shapes. Custom shapes can also be ordered. Bulk stickers can be ordered on sheets, rolls, or individually packaged. Novelty stickers are fun; glow in the dark and photo stickers are examples. Sticker printing is a mainstay of some political campaigns that order bumper stickers and lapel stickers for their favorite candidate. Stickers are used for hundreds of purposes besides labeling products. Decorative stickers are seen in craft kits, at weddings, sports events, competitions, and they can be used at events for name tags and badges, entry passes and as prizes or rewards. There is little limitation for creativity other than space when designing stickers and unlimited ways to use them for profit or for fun.

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