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    Showcase The Beauty of T-Shirt Mockups for Your Brand

    Showcase The Beauty of T-Shirt Mockups for Your Brand
    Imagine releasing a new collection of mockups product for your shop. Then you would have to make your actual products, print them out, approve their quality. When they are done, get them ready to be photographed. Whether you hire someone else or you do it yourself, you would need professional equipment, a clear studio and the perfect light to get great photographs. Then there’s the editing to get your image to look just perfect. Beautiful images sell more than ugly images, even when they are showing the exact same product. Remember we are visual creatures of the internet!
    Now, imagine doing this every single time you get a new product or a new design! Seems like a lot of work doesn’t it? This is where mockups for your brand come in handy. You can post images every single day using all kinds of models and scenarios. It helps to showcase all your products and here’s the beauty: without taking a single shot. T-shirt mockups, Tote bag mockups or any other garment are the best way to achieve amazing images with the highest quality and the lowest effort.

    How do Mockups Work?

    Mockups are done by professional photographers. They capture an object on a specific scenario, sometimes a studio, sometimes on exteriors. Then, they edit the image’s file so that with a user-friendly platform you can add your design on the object just as if it was real. Most mockups are commonly made on Photoshop. It is one of the best design tools with great UI design. However, there are a few other real-time design process or options in which you can use smart templates on your browser. With great user experience, you can add your design effortlessly without having to spend a fortune on Photoshop software!
    Online mockup templates work like this - you add your design to the image, or just drag and drop it, and the template generates your final image. Just like that, in a few clicks, you can get a realistic image to create your shop, your catalog, to post on your social media and more. You can also follow this link to learn how to make your catalog's images.
    There are all kinds of mockups like t-shirt design, free t-shirt with models, long sleeve mockups. There are also pants mockups, activewear, underwear, and a wide variety of apparel mockups. One last thing to mention about mockups: there are video mockups too! This means you can go beyond realistic images with actual movement on your new products.
    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"]mockups-t-shiirt White printed t-shirt[/caption]

    Mockups for Your Shop or Product Catalog

    Product shots are the center of any eCommerce, online, shop and/or catalog. Neat, clean pictures that show in detail your product are important for your customer’s experience.
    For your web design catalog and online shop, we would advise you to use clear pictures that show mainly your products, sometimes even without models!

    Mockups for Your Ads & Social Media

    Mock-ups are also an amazing tool to promote your store and products on well-known engine searches (Google), or social media! Same logic, using your pre-made templates you can easily add your designs. Then, customize your text to say anything you’d like for your next promotion, sales, giveaway or anything else!

    So, In the End…

    It’s all about making your life easier, making your process a little more automated giving yourself a little extra time to do something else! Just imagine all the hours you will be saving plus all the money! Clothing brands know they have to advertise their collection continuously, and for this using a mockup tool will be your best weapon.