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    Self-Promotion 101: Effectively Network Yourself Out of College

    Self-Promotion 101: Effectively Network Yourself Out of College

    “Survival of the fittest” is the phrase our teachers used to describe the evolutionary theory of natural selection. Bare with us for a second, we promise this is not a science class! What it means is that certain individuals will have a better chance of surviving their environment, because they have the appropriate skills for it. Sounds familiar? It should! Because that is exactly what happens when you are out there looking for a job. And not to disappoint you, but it goes on long after you've found it.

    Going to college is supposed to be your opportunity to prepare for the future. James Marshall Crotty explains that employers have a global source of talent to choose from, which is why being an expert in a single area might not be enough. In fact, the article states that 60% of U.S. college graduates are having a hard time finding a job within their area of training. What to do then? How are you going to find that dream job? We really like Andrea Kay’s advice for recent graduates, and actually, it applies to anyone switching careers. And if you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you can keep it in mind when you knock on new business doors. It is about letting your potential employer know you are eager to learn, you are excited to work with social media to improve business opportunities, and you have a lot to offer to the organization. Now that you know competition is fierce, it is time to make sure you’ll get noticed and network yourself. Think of yourself as a product to market. In fact, you need to let employers know you are what they have been looking for. “But they receive hundreds of applications” you might rightly say. But with your creativity and a little help from your printing friends, the moment has come to stand out from that job seeking crowd. Take a look at these easy tips for self-promotion:

    Design Unforgettable Resumes

    Statistics from show that 89% of employers will not hire a candidate who does not have a Resume. But having a plain piece of paper filled with information is not a smart strategy. Before you get an interview, it is your Resume what will tell the employer who you are. We found these great examples on to get you inspired.

    An Infographic Style CV by Gary Corr


    A Stylish Self-promotion Pack by Sabrae Precure


    A Very Artistic Job Application by Vidar Olufsen


    Posted on by Vidar Olufsen

    An Honest Eye-catching CV by Luke Sutton


    Posted on by Luke Sutton

    Make a Great First Impression

    Everyday, 27,397,260 business cards are printed in the U.S. ( Can you even guess how many business cards can anyone gather in a year? If you stop by our online business cards catalog, you will notice that there are enough options for you to make an extraordinary card for yourself. It is easier than you think, and the investment pays off once they start getting you that much needed professional attention.

    Shiny Business Cards by Lize-Marie Dreyer


    Posted on by Lize-Marie Dreyer

    A Fun Business Card by Dario Monetini


    Posted on by Dario Monetini

    A Creative Business Card by Carlos Bocai


    Posted on by Carlos Bocai

    A See-through Business Card by Martyna Wędzicka


    Posted on by Martyna Wędzicka

    Artistic Card by Gabriele Loi


    Posted on by Gabriele Loi

    Identify Your Digital Portfolio

    Give your potential employer or partner a reason to open your digital portfolio. Send your CD or flash drive with a beautiful package that makes the recipient curious to open it.Take this opportunity to send a free sample of your work. Personalize the box or envelope with mailing labels for a more professional look.

    A Print and Handcraft Mix by Miriam Sørli Onarheim


    Posted on by Miriam Sørli Onarheim

    A Complete Product Sample by Yeow Xin Yi


    Posted on bu Yeow Xin Yi

    The Full Self-promoting Package by Emma Hopkins


    Posted on by Emma Hopkins

    Browse 4OVER4.COM to get to know our custom print products, and choose which one could help you get your career to the next step. Remember it is all about promoting yourself to the world, and to do that, you can’t be “just another applicant,” but the one to keep! Have you ever used your creativity to get a job? Leave a comment below and share your self-promotion techniques with us. Who knows? You could help another reader find the job they’ve been waiting for.