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    Promoting Your Business With a Gift Card

    Promoting Your Business With a Gift Card

    The US market for gift cards and incentive cards as of 2020 is $155 billion. By 2025, the figure could approach $238 billion. Businesses are waking up to this opportunity to attract new customers, reward loyal customers, and promote their brands.  

    A recent survey showed that customers prefer receiving an incentive card over other incentive programs. These types of programs can help grow your business because recipients tend to overspend on the card, thereby increasing sales.


    They are not just ideal for large corporations with substantial marketing budgets like Amazon or Walmart. Although they are limitations around printing and redeeming them, you can make your own gift cards for small businesses.

    So if you are asking, “should I create gift cards for my business?” or “should I create gift certificates for my business?” I am sure you have the answer. In the rest of the article, we will show you how to effectively use them to grow your business. 


    Make Your Gift Cards Visible

    If you plan on running a reward program, promote it adequately. People only adopt what they know. There are a few ways you can do this.

    • Make them physical and digital

    Limiting your cards to just digital might save you printing expenses, but it can slow down adoption and reduce the effectiveness of your campaign. A lot of customers still prefer physical cards. Physical cards are great for businesses with walk-in customers, like retail or coffee shops. 

    • Create a guide

    How do customers redeem their cards? Don’t assume that they know this information. A concise guide in video or text format will be helpful. Clients are more likely to take your offer when they see that they can redeem their gift without hassle.

    • Promote on holidays

    People are keen on what they’d get for loved ones and receive in return. As a result, reward programs do better around holidays like Christmas.


    Display Your Gift Cards at Nearby or Complementary Businesses 

    If you rely on a physical location for your business, you can liaise with businesses offering complementary services. Establishing a professional relationship with such businesses will allow you to promote your business to their audience without competing. Usually, these businesses are happy to help their customers get good deals. For example, If you run a gym membership club, some complementary businesses would be a yoga studio or a local hospital. These are fantastic spots to promote your offer.


    Promote Your Gift Cards on Social Media 

    Is your business active on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook? Social media posts are a great avenue to promote your gift offers to your social media fans. You can also promote your offer using paid social media advertisements. 

    Leverage Email Marketing to Promote Gift Cards

    Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels there is. As a result, it’s a natural candidate to promote your gift offering. A campaign that lets your users refer your business to friends they feel may be interested is likely to succeed and even go viral. 

    Email marketing is a fantastic outlet to educate your audience about your products and offers. Then, with a riveting offer, you can sell to your list of subscribers. 


    At, we print gift cards for business clients to redeem. Our prints are ready in 0 - 5 days. Our templates let you design gift cards quickly if you wish to make gift cards for your business. You can customize as you please and send an upload to us right from the site. 

    We print promotional gift cards small business owners can afford. Make use of the price estimation feature on our website. We have the best printing prices, and you earn redeemable coins upon every purchase. 



    Gift cards can help you sell and grow your business. Using the various online and offline channels discussed above, you can promote your offer to your audience. First, make them available digitally and physically. Next, educate your customers on your offer. A short explainer video can help. Lastly, promote them, especially during the festive holiday periods. Then watch your business boom.