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    Promote Your International Jazz Day History Event With These Creative Prints

    Promote Your International Jazz Day History Event With These Creative Prints

    In 2011, UNESCO proclaimed April 30th as “International Jazz Day”. Jazz is a unique musical style that emerged in New Orleans in the late 1800s and early 1900s but has its roots in Africa. Communities, schools, artists, business owners, event professionals and jazz enthusiasts all over the world celebrate Jazz Day. As a result, April 30th offers an ideal opportunity to support diversity, encourage freedom of expression and introduce younger generations to jazz. Whether you're planning an international jazz day event at a school, theater or park, it’s time to get people excited about your celebration. Custom prints like banners, posters, and stickers are inexpensive and will help you get the ideal exposure to make your event one to remember. When you create buzz through innovative offline tools, your potential attendees will keep your event top of mind.

    7 Custom Prints to Market Your International Jazz Day Event

    We’ve curated some of the most effective promotional products you can customize according to your event needs. Here’s a look: #1 Banners Large-format prints stand out among standard size promotional materials and allow you to announce your event without going over your advertising budget. Great for indoor and outdoor use, full-color banners attract attention from a distance. Passersby will pay attention to your message if it is short and sweet, so don’t saturate your design with too much copy or images. Remember to place your banner in a strategic location for maximum exposure.
    Promote Your International Jazz Day History Event With These Creative Prints #2 Event Tickets Tickets help you add value to your event while showcasing your concert, festival or dinner like the professionals. Print event tickets for paid events as wells as charitable ones. Make sure your tickets are legible, so use a readable font and go with contrasting colors. Remember: a quality design promises a fun event that’s worth attending!
    Promote Your International Jazz Day History Event With These Creative Prints #3 Posters Poster advertising spreads the word about your event in a cost-effective way. Placing your eye-catching poster in a high-traffic area allows potential visitors to get informed about the days, times and locations of the upcoming event. Speak to local shops, businesses, and libraries and see if they will let you display your poster in their establishment. #4 Flyers These tried and tested marketing tools have been used for years and don’t show any signs of disappearing any time soon. Unlike social media promotions, flyers provide recipients a tangible reminder of the event. Custom flyers are also great because they offer enough space to include details, photos, and even coupon codes and vouchers. #5 Coasters Not only are drink coasters decorative items, they are also effective communication tools. One of the greatest advantages of using them is that your brand is displayed in the most effective way. Personalized coasters don’t limit your creativity – you can choose bright colors, creative lettering, and a unique design. #6 Postcards Use custom postcards to inform people about your event affordable. If you have a great photo or graphic — a jazz singer or a cool design — use it to create excitement and interest. Go with one-of-a-kind shapes, premium papers or unconventional postcard sizes to get more people to read your message. #7. Stickers Whether you’re organizing an international jazz day event for kids or businesspeople, you can’t go wrong with stickers. These versatile print tools draw attention to your message, add value to the occasion and make Jazz Day memorable. People love receiving free items, so don’t miss the chance to connect with you guests. You can also feature your sponsors on your customized stickers.

    Customize Your Own International Jazz Day Event Printables

    Promotion is key to the success of your Jazz Day event. Take your event promotion to the next level by using custom print materials like the ones we featured above. Give them a creative twist to make them your own. At 4OVER4.COM, we offer a large selection of materials to meet your promotional needs. Print products help you create a striking look and feel your guests will enjoy. Looking for discounts? You’ve come to the right place! We’re offering our first-time customers a great discount: Get 30% OFF on any print product by signing up with 4OVER4.COM!