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    Product Labels – More Than Just a Sticker

    Product Labels – More Than Just a Sticker

    Often times a product label can be as important as the quality of the product itself. Shoppers buy with their eyes first, so if you have a great product with an unattractive label chances are consumers will walk right past it. This being said, you should take almost as much time to develop your label as you did your product. To help you out, we’ve gathered some information on how you can create a successful product label. productlabels 1. Pick a shape - First take a look at your product and its packaging to determine the type of label that will complement it. Choose a shape and size label that will draw attention to the product. If your packaging is a plastic or glass bottle, take the color of the product inside the packaging into consideration as well as the color of the bottle when creating your label. 2. Color - As with any marketing project, color choices are an integral part of creating your product label. Colors like red and yellow are popular advertising colors, but they don’t always work for every product. It’s always smart to go with a printer that will provide you with a free proof before you purchase. This way you can make any changes before placing your order. Another important factor to remember is to never use the same colors as a key competitor. Make your product labels as original as possible with different colors in order to stand out. 3. Font - Once you’re done selecting your colors, the next step is to decide on a font style. Remember to choose a font that is attractive to your target demographic. Don’t be sophisticated and serious if you are selling a product for children. Also, stay away from fonts that are over used and try to be as unique as possible. Your font helps set the tone of your product’s personality. Whatever font you choose, make sure the label is readable from a distance of a few feet because shoppers do not have time to stop and read every product label they see. productlabels2 4. Market your brand - This next piece of advice may seem obvious, but make sure that your product and company name are prominently placed on the label. Create a company logo that is distinctive in order to foster brand identity. 5. Contact Information - Always remember to include a toll free customer service number, email address and mailing address so that customers can communicate valuable concerns and comments about your products. If your company has a following on Facebook and Twitter, add that as well. And of course, add your URL. 6. Share your story – Have an interesting story to tell? Consumers love to know the history of their favorite products from first inception. To share your story, add a QR (Quick Response) code to your label linking interested customers to your web page. This extra step will help expose customers to your entire list of products. productlabels3 Having a successful product does not happen by accident. With a little added time and effort, your product label can have a significant impact on your brand. We hope these simple pointers will help your product gain a loyal following and be profitable. Let us know what you think of them!