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    Powerful Online Banner Printing: Types of Banners

    Powerful Online Banner Printing: Types of Banners

    In online banner printing, we know that promotion is one of the most crucial aspects of any business. Every year businesses set aside a portion of their budget to announce their presence through promotions and marketing. There are various methods of promotion, and one of the most effective is to display custom printed large banners at trade shows and other events.

    Powerful Online Banner Printing: Types of Banners

    Two revelers observing a canceled event banner

    How the market acts

    Powerful Online Banner Printing: Types of Banners

    Moonworkshop did a survey on banners in 2019 and these are some of the findings they came up with. Design template or scratch display ads: 96.65% of entrepreneurs, 97.86% of designers, and 97.07% of marketers are likely to start from scratch.

    While 87.70% of users use their branded images in display ads, only 12.30% use stock images.

    Various types of banner printing and their uses

    When deciding on what banner to use for your business, it is beneficial to know the types of banners that exist. Here are some of the many types of banners:

    Powerful Online Banner Printing: Types of Banners

    Red pole banner

    Pole banner printing

    These banners are fixed onto a pole as it is in big metropolises such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas among others. Many of these banners can be seen on streetlights along different roads.

    They are often used to advertise tourist attractions in the city such as museums, zoos, theaters and many others. Additionally, they also advertise the locations of various institutions and landmarks. Different people call them lamp post banners. You need quality hardware brackets to have them installed.

    The work of the brackets/screws is to tighten your rods to the pole so that the fabric will be secure.

    Retractable banners

    These are banners that can be set up when needed and set down in similar fashion. I have worked with these ones in the past and I enjoyed their longevity.

    A retractable banner usually has a tube on its base where it is stored when not in use. You roll it out from the base when you want to use it. For support, they usually hook to a mounting pole at the top.

    They are mainly used for events, press coverage, trade shows counters or reception desks. The vinyl can be replaced easily if you have a quality base tube.

    Non-retractable banners

    They are also referred to as tension banners. Their bases are usually weighted for stability in case of rough winds. As such, they are majorly suited for outdoor purposes.

    Fabric banner printing

    Powerful Online Banner Printing: Types of Banners

    An example of a fabric banner printing

    Fabric banners are made of materials that can only be printed on using dye sublimation. Dye sublimation is a process whereby the ink goes directly through the fabric instead of just sitting on it. This makes the color on the fabric pop, making the banner more attractive and irresistible.

    They can be used on tables during events or displayed indoors.

    Mesh banner printing

    Powerful Online Banner Printing: Types of Banners

    Covid-19 mesh banner

    This vinyl is used for outdoor purposes. It belongs to the family of large format prints. A mesh banner is similar to a vinyl banner. The only distinction between the two is the material they are made of. Mesh banners are made of mesh pattern material. This material allows the wind to pass through. If the wind doesn’t pass through it would cause damage to the fence or the material itself.

    Sale banners

    Going by their name, they are used to announce sales. A classic example is the end of year sale where businesses intend to clear out stock so as to bring fresh inventory. Sales banners are used to draw customers to the event by having them designed creatively.

    There are different concepts that one can come up with in a sales banner. For example, you can choose to have humans in your design or text only.

    Ensure that your logo is perfectly displayed. The message should be simple, clear and irresistible. There are people who prefer to have a general message on the sales banners. Because they can be reused in a later sale.

    Banner stands


    Large format banners in a city

    There are also different styles of banner stands. Choosing the right stand for each event can be more effective when combined with banners.

    Rotating scrolling banner stands are effective because something moving is more noticeable than a still object. Because it immediately captures the attention of anyone passing by. The scrolling banners allow you to include more information with less space. And those who are interested will keep watching until they get the full presentation.

    When you need to conserve space while attracting attention at an event, these stands may be the solution. Custom printing your banner will ensure that you are presenting your message in a professional manner.

    You should also know about X banner stands. They are versatile, lightweight, inexpensive, easy to pack and quick to set up. The adjustable stands hold any size banner securely, so when you have several different banners for various events, these stands may be ideal to hold them.

    Key points to note about banner printing

    Banner printing done with excellence can be a very cost-effective approach to promoting a business, opportunity, service, product or anything else. Banners are versatile because you can move them from place to place and display them at various events.

    Enhance your image and increase your company recognition by using quality customized banner printing. The benefits you receive from distinctive well-made banners will surely prove to be of great value because they last a long time and still look good after years of use.


    High quality banner printing will give your message an air of professionalism. You can design banners to the exact specifications that will make your sign as effective as possible. Online printing makes designing your banners easy and convenient.

    Simply choose the size you want, the material, colors, type and size of print, and other options on the website. You can take care of all the details of banner printing without leaving your home or office with online printing services like those offered by 4OVER4.