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    Powerful Good Friday Poster Designs to Inspire You

    Powerful Good Friday Poster Designs to Inspire You

    Mariana Solano Ortega March 31, 2015 Powerful Good Friday Poster Designs to Inspire You Good Friday, the religious holiday that commemorates Jesus’ crucifixion, is considered as one of the most important holidays for Christians. Its powerful symbolism is commonly expressed in statutes, painting, murals and posters all over the world. An effective Good Friday poster should convey a sense of faith and reflection. It must work as a call to action to get people to participate in the religious event or the contemplate the message that it inspires. As a designer, your job is to convey the intended message in a respectful way and come up with an innovative idea to intrigue viewers, if you’re not religious, don’t know a ton about the holiday or simply enjoy a good design for your swipe file then this inspiring post is for you.  

    Here are some exceptional Good Friday poster designs you definitely want to look at, twice:

    Procession in Italy
     This is a prime example of how modern design methods deliver 3D and exceptional lighting effects. The great thing about this poster is that it gives a sense of realism.  Furthermore, Jesus Christ on the cross seems like has been carved out of wood. Designed by Nicolò Speciale and found on Behance. Simple Design
     The simplicity of this design makes the poster neat and clear. We like it.  The thorns and blood drops are key elements of Good Friday theme and the design captures the feeling accurately with a minimal approach. A design by Luma Vine Creative posted on Behance. Event Branding  It is not a conventional design, as it does not include any of the typical symbols: Jesus, the cross and the crown of thorns. Unlike other graphic designers,Khanh Dang used an actual crown instead of the crown of thorns. The crown is a visual symbol of the king’s power (Jesus’ kingdom). The overall design gives an unexpected and rather ground-breaking turn to the religious holiday as well as the phrase ¨The King is Dead. ¨ Black and White  A well- crafted design that gets straight to the point. The poster byBert Neal looks both modern and emotionally charged. True Love  An interesting choice of words and layout, reminds the viewer of the sacrifices made by the religious figure in the name of love. The unorthodox design by  Sherman Jackson is unique and attractive. Jesus in the Background  This is the first Good Friday poster of this collection in which the central character is Jesus. Jesus’ penetrating look is also very captivating. The red background meets the white text seamlessly- keeping with Good Friday theme. Poster featured here by Jordan Ouellette on Dribble. A Single Drop  Say a lot with just a little.  This poster byRobert Johnson is simple but genius. So what do you think? Which was the most inspiring Good Friday design? Please share your comments and experiences below. We’d love to hear from you! Image courtesy from: Attached, see comment #