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    Political Yard Sign Rules: Understand the Campaign Sign Law

    Political Yard Sign Rules: Understand the Campaign Sign Law

    The political yard sign and the campaigns go hand in hand. Such signs usually grow in numbers during the special election periods and need political yard sign rules enforcement.  If you think of the cost-per-exposure, there’s no other effective way than yard signs for the promotions of the political campaigns.

    It is considered to have the ability to swing an election in favor of a particular candidate. Although the yard signs are the perfect ingredient to acquire votes, the campaign signs on public property or other areas are considered visual litter after the elections. Therefore, the political signage laws must be followed after the elections are over. Let’s learn more about the political yard signs and its rules.

    What are Yard Signs?



    The custom printed political yard signs are the temporary signage that doesn’t need a permit and can be planted on public property and private property during the elections. It is the way of political advertising to

    • promote a specific electoral candidate for public office
    • inform the people about the cause the candidate has proposed
    • share the election date, time, and other detail regarding the same
    • identify the polling booth locations clearly
    • celebrate the success of the campaign or for congratulating the opposition candidate

    It is a very versatile and affordable tool to promote the political party campaign. There are various types of yard signs like polybag yard signs that are affordable, easy to ship, simple to assemble, and weatherproof.

    The coroplast election signs are another popular choice amongst the users for small political campaigns. You may also use the poly-coated cardboard signage for bigger campaigns. For printing the political yard signs, is one of the ideal online destinations.

    Things to Consider While Choosing the Political Yard Sign

    The color, font, shapes, sizes, and location of the yard sign play a major role in drawing the attention of the people. But, location is the most important as there is a private home owner’s freedom of speech and rights when it comes to political election signs placement.

    The political yard signs are usually placed in the lawns or screwed on the walls. It may also be attached to the fence or on the stand with the help of a Velcro. So, measuring the area of the display sign and selecting the right size is vital. You must also consider the distance between the display sign and the people viewing it.



    To attract the attention of the viewers’ from far off distance, choosing the bold and right font is very important. has a range of templates to choose when it comes to printing political yard signs. Select the best signage for your campaign and get it delivered within 5-6 business days. The message must be clear on the yard sign as the viewers do not spend much time reading it.

    What are the laws prohibiting the placement of political signs? Is it illegal to remove political signs? What are the political yard sign rules on the public or private property? Learn the political sign laws involved to avoid traffic hazards during the election days.

    Political Yard Sign Rules for Election

    The placement of political yard sign rules varies from one community to the other and as per the state laws from one state to another.  However, the basic common political yard sign rule is governed by the First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech. According to the U.S. Supreme Court laws and regulations, here are some of the basic political sign laws-

    Political Yard Sign Rules on Private Property

    The political yard sign display on the residential private property is important, unique, and a safe communication mode. It cannot be restricted by the towns and the decision has not yet been upturned.

    Political Yard Sign Rules on Public Property

    The rigid political signs are the ideal ones for promoting the election candidate. The laws do not prohibit the political signs on the public property like in part of the parking strip sidewalk. It might be prohibited in the traffic circles, middle, and other areas of the sidewalk.

    Not just for the political signs, this restriction applies to all signs. For planting the political yard sign on the parking lot sidewalk, you need the consent from the neighboring owner of the property.

    Campaign Yard Sign Time Limitations

    The time restriction on pre-election posting of political yard signs is illegal and unauthorized. For instance, if you set a rule that restricts political signs placement within 60 days of an election, it would be a violation of the State law.

    Previously, a post-election period had been deemed constitutional for removing the political signs. But, as per the new rules set by the Supreme Court, the local rules on political yard signage removal is not considered legal and cannot be applied.

    Political Sign Laws near Polling Location


    When do campaign signs need to be removed? If the political signage and materials are placed anywhere within 100 feet of the polling location, removing political signs becomes mandatory. All the political buttons and badges should be kept away from the polling location. The right to freedom of speech and the placement of the signs near polling location helps to maintain the sanctity of the vote.

    Remove Political Yard Sign Legally

    Is it illegal to remove the political signs? As per the political yard sign rules, one cannot remove the legally placed yard signs. If someone tries to remove the sign, it will be considered theft or tampering of political materials and fined. Legally, one must remove the political yard sign from the public property by the second Friday from the date of the election.

    On the private property, it may stay longer, if the owner allows keeping the political sign for long. If you feel that the yard sign must be removed, it is always better to connect with the local municipal authorities and leave the decision on them. You may find out from your local Homeowners Association, the various laws set, particularly for the political yard signs. It will help you to avoid violating any laws set for advertising.

    Political Yard Sign Rules Printing with 4Over4

    There are various options when it comes to printing political yard signage. Our range includes a variety of paper stock, finishes, and prints on banners, stands, etc. We have an array of campaign signs for every election.

    Our printing options make your candidate’s name on the yard sign stand out! Always keep the entire design, message, colors, etc. minimal and simple while building recognition. Our election signs come in a wide selection of styles to compliment all kinds of the campaign are economically priced.

    Connect with us and easily place your political yard signs orders online. We have a great customer service team to assist you with the entire process. We offer green printing technology when you opt for it while placing the order. Choose from a range of color, fonts, and design templates to create unique campaign signs, follow the political yard sign rules, and create a great impact.