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    Our Commitment to Plant 100,000 Trees- An Initiative Worth Taking a Minute to Read

    Our Commitment to Plant 100,000 Trees- An Initiative Worth Taking a Minute to Read

    Our world is calling out to us, desperately. Floods in Asia, extreme cold conditions right here in the US, environment predictions are grim nowadays. Climate changes are the result of our own actions; deforestation for example is one of the main reasons behind the severe climate changes we see today. That’s why has taken action, as an Online Printing Company we’re aware that we consume a huge amount of resources and it is our duty to return them as well. That’s why we have become a Green Printing Company; meaning that amid using recycled materials and re-usable consumables, we have also began an initiative to re-grow our forests: 100,000 Trees for Humanity. With this initiative, is committed to plant 100,000 trees, plain and simple. But this is an initiative in which you can help, and an initiative you can participate in and give back to our planet. So with 100,000 Trees for Humanity, our objective is three fold:

    1. Get Trees Planted!
    2. Create awareness about this serious environmental crisis
    3. Encourage participation!

    Don’t forget, this is a collaborative effort. Show your support! It’s such a simple way to contribute, but by doing so, we know that there is another individual out there aware of this cause, and you set an example for others. Just think about it. If a forest of a 100,000 trees is planted and regrown, we’ll be helping our atmosphere on a gargantuan scale as each tree will consume huge loads of CO2 and will return oxygen into the environment, (oxygen that we all need to breathe by the way!). But we don’t only help ourselves; we also help many species that depend entirely on those forests for their way of life to survive. We help guarantee their existence, and our own. We give back to the world. is a Green Printing Company because we care for the environment, we care for our home, we care for our children, and we want to leave them a world to live in that has enough and renewable resources. 4OVER4.COM is also an FSC Certified printer (Forest Stewardship Council Certification. (The FSC, an international, non-profit, membership-based organization, is the global and national leader in the independent certification of forests managed to exemplary standards covering environmental, social and economic issues. Forest certification enables consumers to make informed choices when selecting paper, wood and other forest products. The FSC Principles and Criteria are the only internationally-valid standards for responsible forest management.) Support 100,000 Trees for Humanity today. Don’t wait. It’s a little effort for a greener and brighter future.