Online Printing: Special Stickers and Labels - 063

  • BY Emma Davis
  • Apr 9, 2011
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Online Printing: Special Stickers and Labels - 063

Custom printing services are necessary when labels and stickers must withstand extreme environmental factors such as below-freezing temperatures, high heat and humidity, and abrasion. Common business printing on plain paper stock with standard adhesives will not perform well.

Food processors, pharmaceutical firms, manufacturers of medical-grade sterilization equipment, laboratories, the chemical industry, and electronics companies are some of the largest users of specialty labels and stickers in extreme environments. For custom label printing and sticker printing, durable products designed for extreme conditions are the answer. These labels and stickers are manufactured of an array of tough materials that perform well under these circumstances. For use in freezers and other low-temperature environments, label printing and sticker printing require synthetic face materials that don’t become brittle. These are often made of foil, prismatic film, metallic paper, polyester, or specialty vinyl. Very tough products are made of Mylar™, Lexan™, Tedlar™, or Kapton™. Common adhesives used in extreme cold are Collano® and Nacor 38-463A. Custom printing applications will use a variety of inks and techniques to produce label and printer text including, flexographic, hot-stamp, and thermal materials. Combinations of label material, adhesives, and inks may give printed products a temperature range from -80 to 1800+ degrees Fahrenheit. Labels and stickers the will be exposed to high humidity are usually made of a synthetic material such as polyester or vinyl. DuraTherm III is a common choice for the adhesives in these applications. Similarly, business printing techniques use hot-stamp or thermal inks to withstand these conditions. For high-heat environments that must withstand conditions in autoclaves and the interiors of electronics, for example, foils and heat-resistant synthetics are the choice for label printing and sticker printing. Inks compatible with these materials often include special epoxy compounds that bond with the label material itself. Generally speaking, labels and stickers produced for extreme temperature and humidity ranges are very abrasion-resistant. One “fits-all” label or sticker will not be able to withstand these extreme ranges of heat, cold, humidity, and abrasion. A company looking for business printing services should determine which specific materials with specific applications will perform best on its products. Label materials, adhesives, and inks all contribute to a positive outcome.

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