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    Online Printing: Quick Information About Printing Technology

    Online Printing: Quick Information About Printing Technology
    Online Printing has become more popular in the past few years. The printing technology has become very advanced with several options available for printing as well.

    Online Printing: Quick Information About Printing Technology

    A man getting various prints from a digital printer

    Printing is vital for all companies and the right technology should be used to ensure that it projects a favorable image of the company.

    Online printing

    Online printing companies these days ensure that they have the expertise and the staff to provide high-quality services. It is incumbent upon them to have staff that helps you get the results you’re looking for in no time.

    Online Printing: Quick Information About Printing Technology

    Did you know that the digital printing market size in the US is $10.9 billion according to Ibis World? The market is heavily adopting online printing. So let us investigate how it has evolved over the years.

    The evolution of printing in America

    online-printing Woman printing a document on a printer

    Printing started in the late 17th century in America with the publishing of the “Publick Occurrences newspaper.” By 1830 there were 715 newspapers published in the United States according to

    In 1846, an American inventor called Richard Hoe invented the rotary printing press. The rotary used cylinders and this opened up the development of the idea by other inventors.

    Digital printing started with the development of lithography offset press in 1903 by Ira Washington Rubel. Rubel was an American printer who started doing large-scale printing processes. His company produced posters, maps, postcards, and newspapers.

    The invention of xerox in the late 1930s gave rise to the invention of the first phototypesetter. Xerox is an electrography/dry printing process. The market exploded when the xerographic printer was automated in 1955.

    Since then, a lot of improvements have been made and with the advent of the internet, online printing was combined with digital printing.

    Vistaprint paved the way for online printing services in 1995. They were the first business to widely offer customers desktop publishing online according to Investopedia. Customers started enjoying fast turnarounds and low pricing due to an efficient automated bulk printing process.

    Benefits of online printing

    Online Printing: Quick Information About Printing Technology Bunch of documents printed on a digital printer

    · They are convenient- You don’t need to travel to a company premises to make your orders. It saves you both time and transport costs, research costs, traveling to inquire about prices and so much more. Actually, it helps you budget and stick within your budget. Companies like 4OVER4 have an online calculator which enables you to know how much your order will cost.

    · You can order from anywhere- Gone are the days when people would only contract companies that are in their location. Since the internet has made the world a global village, you can get the best quality service from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is to visit their website and contact them via email or even phone.

    · Ready templates- This is especially helpful for people who are less design-inclined. Online printing companies usually have templates that help a customer design the product.

    · Customers can be able to come up with the exact design they desire and in the quality they want. Because of these templates, you don’t have to be a graphic design guru to come up with a dashing design.

    · Highly personalized- Online printing services specialize in making a product fit your needs according to your specifications. With online ordering, you are able to select your preferred sizes and quantity. They also enable you to choose colors that you want right there and then.

    · Tracking your orders- Digital printing allows you to track the progress of your order. Quality providers give tracking details that enable you to know which stage your product has reached so far.

    · A variety of products- If you want a brochure, banner, table runner, notebook, and so forth, you can get them all under one roof.

    · Online printing offers excellence because when I started ordering my t-shirts online they would come according to my customized specifications. Another feature I really like is the fact that one can choose the material that they want without having to toil so hard.

    Printing business

    Online Printing: Quick Information About Printing Technology A new age digital printer

    Individuals carrying out printing business online get a lot of visitors on their sites. This has been improved by the fact that they get access to internet services. Running a business has been made easier as customers only need to advertise their services through internet marketing. Various advanced software allows you to fasten the process.

    Printing companies

    There are printing companies that are not yet online but are now making the switch. They are now employing online agents to help them run the normal custom printing services for their customers according to their specifications.

    Custom printing requires businesses to give exact details of what they need. Online printing services then execute the customer orders. The job is tailored to the customer’s needs and exact requirements in colors, size, and paper type.

    Word of advice

    It is always advisable that you get the best quality online print services. Since there are quite a number of online print companies, you should take your time and sift through your options carefully.

    There is a lot of information online about some of the best printing companies and custom printing services. Conduct thorough research and stick to your budget. Printing companies online offer exhaustive and helpful information that you need.