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    Online Printing: Practical Promo Items Keep Sending Your Message - 107

    Online Printing: Practical Promo Items Keep Sending Your Message - 107

    In today’s world of short attention spans, your advertising has to fight to get noticed. Business printing has seen trends come and go. In the old days, a nice business card and a brochure was all a salesman needed to spread the word. If you’ve been to a trade show recently, you’ve seen the mounds of discarded promotional materials in the waste bins. You may also have noticed that nearly everybody was carrying a cloth tote bag with your competition’s brand plastered all over it. If you place your ad on a practical item, it’s more likely to be used and kept for a long time.

    Even your best-written ad won’t be published as a coffee table book. If you’re lucky, some small percentage of those who receive your ad will actually read it. Most folks will glance at it and toss your ad away. It’s likely they’ll forget the name of your business shortly thereafter. If they have a tote bag, a coffee mug, an umbrella, a pen or anything they can use on a daily basis, your company printing is likely to go further. With online printing, you can design your ad and chose the products you think will be the best for keeping your brand in your client’s mind. Maybe you own a used guitar shop. Free guitar picks, strings or straps printed with your store’s name and brand help your customers while they spread your name. If you prefer to have your brand on a garment, online printing offers numerous styles and sizes of shirts and fleece. Printed on t-shirts or tank tops, sleeveless sweatshirts or hoodies, your brand will last a long time. Company printing doesn’t have to be boring. By putting your company’s brand on a fine-quality pen, you’re sure to be remembered. Every time your client uses that pen to sign a check, your brand will come to mind. Anybody who might borrow your client’s pen will see your brand and think of quality. No matter what products you use for your business printing, one thing is certain. You need to use the best printer to get the best results. Your promotional products will not impress if they look cheap. Your name is directly tied to the promo products you choose to use. Select the best products and the best printer to get the very best results for your advertising dollar.

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