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    Emma Davis

    Content writer

    Apr 2, 2011 Clap 2271 ViewCopy Link

    Online Printing: Design Tips for Postcards - 053

    Online Printing: Design Tips for Postcards - 053

    Marketing with postcards has proven to be an effective method to increase sales and raise visibility for a wide array of products and services. Well designed postcards that are used as inserts in magazines are convenient, eye catching and can be easily targeted toward a specific demographic. Compared to other forms of advertising, postcard printing is inexpensive and produces an exceptional response rate when coupled with a compelling message. When developed with the assistance of a qualified online printing company like, postcards can help establish brand identity and enhance the corporate image. Design Considerations A marketing postcard should always include content on both sides of the piece. When used in a magazine, the front side of the card should immediately greet the reader when they turn the page. Visual elements are usually very effective at drawing attention, so the inclusion of a photograph on the front face of a postcard is a common advertising practice. It is important to refrain from including too many pictures in order to avoid a cluttered landscape. Whether incorporating a photo or an image, it is highly recommended to utilize the services of a professional photographer or graphic design artist. A custom printing service can provide referrals, and may even offer their own graphic design services. The back side of the postcard is typically used to present complete contact information about the company and may also include social networking details. Integrating discounts, promotions or sincere testimonials into the message are all extremely valuable methods of generating interest. Above all, postcard business printing must include a call to action that compels the recipient to learn more about the advertiser. Text and Image Balance While the use of color in postcard printing can have a dramatic impact on the reader, using discretion is critical to avoid confusing the message. Regardless of the size of the paper, the human eye is first drawn directly to the middle. Quality custom printing includes properly positioning an attention grabbing headline or a quality photograph for maximum effect. Text and images must be properly balanced to create a seamless, flowing message. It is critical to maintain cohesiveness by implementing a consistent format that draws the different elements together. Restraint must be used in selecting fonts that are too unusual or difficult to read. Perhaps most importantly, the finished piece must be proofread by several different people before it is submitted for online printing. Professional Printers Regardless of the business printing requirement, professional online printing companies like can provide assistance in selecting the right paper stock, using design templates or any other phase of the printing process. And remember, to get low prices and fast turnaround times for all your business printing needs like canvas prints,label printing or poster printing, visit