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    Online Printing: Catalogs Love Great Photos - 052

    Online Printing: Catalogs Love Great Photos - 052

    Catalogs are a long-established advertising medium that depends on quality photography more than any other form of custom printing. If you’re not a professional photographer, take heart. Follow these tips to get great results for your business printing.

    • Size matters when it comes to product photos. Display your photos in as large a format as possible. If you need an entire page to effectively show your product, don’t use half a page. If your product looks good with four items per page, use that layout. • Use insets and spot color for your custom printing. Insets showcase high-profit or most-popular items effectively. Spot color can really draw the reader's gaze to a photo. Graphics like an arrow or a highlighted circle around an item also work well. • Catalog printing requires high-resolution photos that glamorize the product and emphasize its virtues. Use a mega-pixel camera for business printing. Be sure your photos are at least 300 dots per inch in resolution. • Shoot the item from as many different angles as possible to give the reader a complete view. Show as much detail as possible, especially parts of the item you want to stress. • Give the item some perspective to show how large it is by putting a common object in the photo. A coin or ruler works well, especially for detail. • Show the product in action. If it opens and closes, show it both ways. If it prints, packs or prepares, catch the resulting product. • If your product is meant to dazzle, make it shine. Show a bracelet on a wrist, not on a pillow. Include a pair of hands operating the controls. Models can bring a product to life. • Use a tripod to make sure your photos are focused and clear. Use a background that compliments the product. If you’re shooting numerous products with various colors for your online printing, use a neutral background. • Reinforce your description with your photos. If you mention the widget’s control panel, include a close-up of the panel to add to the text. As with any online printingcatalog printing is a quick, simple way to get your advertising in the hands of your customer base. Be sure your photos are high-quality, high-resolution and presented in an attractive design. Don’t clutter the layout. Keep your catalog easy to read and pleasant to view for the best results.

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