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    Emma Davis

    Content writer

    Apr 1, 2011 Clap 1870 ViewCopy Link

    Online Printing: Bumper Stickers - 045

    Online Printing: Bumper Stickers - 045

    Purchasing bumper stickers may seem like an easy task. Nevertheless, there is more to consider than you may initially think when choosing ink for your bumper stickers. Identify your target audience and determine what you want to achieve from distributing bumper stickers before making your selection. is an online printing company that knows how to create bumper stickers that can help you express and market your thoughts. However, all label printing is not the same. There are several factors to consider when selecting ink colors and the type of ink you want for your online printing needs. When choosing your sticker printing, consider how you will be using your bumper stickers. We can make yoursticker printing coordinate precisely with the colors on your business cards or logo, but you can also choose sticker printing that is not customized. Consider the colors of your cards, and the purpose and use of the stickers before deciding whether you need custom printing. Pantone color matches are more expensive, but they can also help make your branding stand out. Our many ink colors allow you to experiment with color and design to create a sticker that projects your company's image. Decide how you are going to use the stickers. If you are printing stickers you hope will be read for years, you want ink that can stand up to harsh wind, sun and adverse weather. Investing in fade resistant ink may be more money, but over the long run, your message will be read longer. Warm colors, including reds and yellows, may be more likely to fade. However, if you hope your bumper stickers will provide readable advertising for years, fade resistant ink will increase the readability of your ink and extend the length of time it lasts. When you decide on label printing, your chosen ink will stand out better if it is printed on a contrasting background. Dark colors including black, blue, and red stand out on a white background while white ink is easily visible on a dark background. Avoid choosing ink colors that blend into the bumper sticker background. They will be difficult to read, especially on moving vehicles. Try viewing different ink colors on different backgrounds to get an idea of your preference. Our wide selection of standard and custom printing option will allow us to create bumper stickers that effectively meet your needs.

    And remember at we offer you the best materials for your bumper stickers as well low prices and fast turnaround times for all your online printing needs like catalog printing, canvas prints or brochures printing, visit for more information.