Online Printing and Color Use

  • BY Emma Davis
  • Jun 18, 2011
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Online Printing and Color Use

There are many things beyond price to consider when ordering business printing. Choosing a supplier for company printing is the first decision to make. Consider ordering from an online printing company for the next project. These printers can offer many services in addition to the basics like business cards and flyers. Most are set up to provide large items at affordable pricing, such as posters, banners and signs. Develop an ongoing relationship with the online printing company like and discover many benefits, including loyalty discounts and low prices. Remember when designing business cards, flyers or posters that online print professionals are always ready to assist their clients for special color print jobs.

Custom printing is the online printer’s strong point. They have a gallery of many samples of different items to view. These companies have skilled print artists on staff to help customers with logo design, layouts and to answer questions. One question might be about the choice of colors or fonts to use on a particular job. Colors are interesting because they are emotional. Hot colors like red, orange and yellow are best for certain active themes. Cold colors like blue, green and purple are better for more restful themes. Using color is just one area of business printing where an online printing firm like can make things easy for their clients. In their stock layouts, colors have been chosen by professional graphic artists. All the customer needs to do is to fill in the text areas. For example, items like business cards and flyers need to be easy to read. A light background with dark text is easiest on the eyes of the reader. A dark background with light color text is tiring and more difficult to read. However, putting a splash of red or blue on that background will draw more attention. Using 2 or 3 colors is better than confusing the reader with many colors. Another thing to consider is the possibility that the reader may be color blind. Black and white printing can be very effective and cost efficient. Business cards generally are white or light colored with high contrast text. A full color card needs to be laid out with blocks for text to allow the contrasting color scheme. Custom printing is good when a logo or certain colors musts be included on the business card, flyer or poster. Discover more interesting and creative ways to use color on company printing online today.

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