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    Linda Singh: From High-School Dropout to Major General

    Linda Singh: From High-School Dropout to Major General

    Appointed the 29th General of the state of Maryland, Major General Linda Singh is the first woman with the title, the first African American to hold that job and her life story is one that is downright inspirational. Her life story is about overcoming adversity in the harshest circumstances. It’s the story of a woman who commands respect far beyond the stars featured on her uniform. She’s the real deal! In today's blog post, learn how Singh went from high school dropout to Major General. This model of female leadership shows us that problems don’t define who we are. We can all find our path to greatness.

    Singh’s Inspirational Story

    The odds were certainly against Linda Singh from a very young age. She experienced sexual abuse and was forced to drop out of high school when the challenges of being homeless started to overwhelm her. Luckily, she completely transformed her life! She joined the Army at the age of 17 and the rest is history. It’s no wonder Singh has become a model of female power in careers that don’t often see women in those roles! She went on to become a Major General in the U.S. Army despite her rocky start in life. As commander of the Maryland National Guard, her leadership proved invaluable in handling the 2015 Baltimore riots. According to Entrepreneur, “She may not be valued in the millions, but her success story is priceless and has garnered her recognition and high-powered positions.”

    It’s Your Turn to Find Your Own Path to Leadership

    We hope you find the story of Linda Singh as inspiring as we did. Her journey affirms that it’s possible for all of us to overcome the obstacles in our lives to achieve spectacular results, no matter the odds. Now it’s your turn to find your own path to leadership! We’d love to hear your thoughts and insights. Please feel free to kindly leave a comment below.