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    Lighting Up The World With Alfredo Moser’s Invention

    Lighting Up The World With Alfredo Moser’s Invention

    An estimated 16% of the world’s population has little or no access to electricity. This barrier makes it hard to break out of the cycle of poverty, but it’s not impossible. Surprisingly, you don’t need a lot of money to light up a home, just one resourceful Brazilian mechanic who created an innovative solution. His name is Alfredo Moser. In 2002, he invented a cost-effective idea that would improve the quality of life for the poor. Alfredo is the inventor of the “Moser Lamp” - a plastic bottle filled with water and a few drops of bleach that provides indoor lighting during the day.
     Alfredo came up with the “Moser Lamp” because Brazilians suffered from frequent power outages. So, he worked on an invention that would impact millions of lives not only in Brazil but in developing countries across the globe.

    “The only places that had energy were the factories" - Alfredo Moser

    Despite the praise for Moser’s invention which is used in about 15 other countries, from India to Fiji, Alfredo still lives a modest life in Brazil. He takes great pride in bringing light to millions of families who would otherwise be left in the dark. Alfredo Moser - a hero and true inspiration! Watch Alfredo Moser’s video and get inspired to transform lives around the world for the better: