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    Emma Davis

    Content writer

    Mar 11, 2011 Clap 2534 ViewCopy Link

    Large Format Printing: Effective Print Marketing for Political Campaigns - 022

    Large Format Printing: Effective Print Marketing for Political Campaigns - 022

    Print materials remain an especially effective marketing tool for political parties and their candidates – even in our modern digital age. In fact, printed promotional materials, from small paper postcards to stage-spanning vinyl banners, have only become more effective and affordable with computer technology. Online printing helps politicians to target local voters with impressive efficiency: campaign materials can be printed and delivered as quickly as overnight. Poster Printing Print posters for political events! With 24-hour turnaround, online poster printing can help make a rally, protest, or other political event more memorable and effective. Posters can also be designed for long-term endurance with UV coating and other special qualities. Choose from a tried-and-true political poster template or upload your unique design. Print Door Hangers for Political Campaigns Door hangers are an effective marketing medium. For less than $1 each, they enable a political campaign to target prospective voters with pinpoint accuracy. Door hangers are especially effective when distributed immediately before voting hours; upon locking up the house on voting day, citizens are reminded of their opportunity to make a difference. Postcard Printing for Candidates and Parties Many potential voters won’t think twice about tossing away an unopened campaign letter, but postcards get more attention. Colorful, glossy, and succinct postcards can also be more cost-effective than color advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Like door hangers, campaign postcards can be strategically targeted for a maximum return on investment. Flyer Printing for Political Campaigns Flyers can be used in several ways: as hand-outs, folded brochures, and newspaper inserts – and they cost less than a nickel each. Spread the word without breaking the bank! Templates and professional design services are available. With online flyer printing, thousands of copies can be made available within 24 hours. Online Printing for Vinyl Banners A prominent vinyl banner can help together a political event, helping it to look professional while conveying an essential message. Our waterproof and UV-protected vinyl banners can be used year after year, but they won’t break a party’s budget. Choose from a number of banner sizes and designs and upload images if desired. Free Quotes for Fast Online Printing Printing effective campaign materials is one of our specialties. We offer online postcard printing, flyer printing, and other services at competitive prices. Ask for a quote today! Visit