Label Printing: Labels Usage - 014

A label can be a very important item. For example, if a label does not stick to the article for which it was designed, it is worthless. However, a label that plainly describes a product, and stays on it, performs a valuable service. When you shop at an online printing company for label printing services, you will see that there are various choices for materials to be used in label printing as well as sticker printing, and the custom printing company will be happy to help you make the right selections. An online printing company can utilize bright white paper, foil, vinyl, glossy or clear materials, and each type has its own distinctive look and purpose. The vinyl weatherproof material is strong enough to hold up well in most environments, and a foil label will lend a classy look to a product. The material for a water bottle label should withstand squeezing, frozen food labels need to endure freezing temperatures and be resistant to moisture, dry food labels require flexibility, and wine bottle labels should hold up when immersed in an ice bucket. A wide variety of inks can make labels more attractive, and label colors can be clear, white, pastel, fluorescent, silver, gold or a rainbow of different hues. The most important element in a label is the adhesive that makes it stick like it should. Rubber, acrylic and an acrylic blend are the three base materials used in label printing and sticker printing. Acrylic blends stick to nearly any type of surface and are simple to remove with solvents. However, they do not perform well when exposed to heat or UV. Acrylics withstand heat, UV, solvents and plasticizers, so they make good adhesives for labels that last when subjected to non-air conditioned environments. Adhesives that are rubber-based stick well to numerous surfaces, but do not hold up well in sunshine or hot areas. However, they are relatively easy to remove by using solvents. When choosing the material for labels, consider every phase in the life of the item to which the label will be attached. Will it be stored in a wet or hot environment? Will it be exposed to outside weather conditions? Will the label be affixed to frozen products? Will the label need to be removed at some time? Different conditions require different adhesives to make sure the labels stay in place or are easy to remove. Labels can make a product look stylish and appealing, or they can simply be plain and functional. Creative design and the right materials enhance a product’s popularity and recognition, and custom printing adds a distinctive touch to the labels as well.

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