Label Printing for Cans and Jars - 080


Label Printing for Cans and Jars - 080 This is a special custom printing area with special needs to attend to by the purchaser. If you are selling products that are in a food, beverage, or health/beauty category, be sure to adhere to relevant packaging laws before you attempt to design and order label printing or sticker printing. Custom printing offers you the best flexibility for designing appropriate labels for your products. Business printing is offered by many vendors, including a raft of online printers who can provide advice, design assistance, fast turn-around times and prompt delivery services. They are usually available to you 24/7 and have excellent customer service departments. They also can handle small quantity to large quantity printing orders of products in various sizes and shapes, with many printing options. Label printing for cans and jars can be done by your favorite online printer. Many styles are available, including self-adhesive labels, pressure sensitive labels or stickers, thermal labels, removable or repositionable labels, and custom designed labels that you can finish on your own printer. Other options include direct printing right on your containers, either during production or by silk screening on the containers. Some processes, such as slip-on sleeves or direct metal printing, are only advisable and available for large quantity orders of 10,000 to 25,000 units. Using custom business printing for creating labels and stickers is a must for companies selling items to the public. First of all, there are general requirements for labeling information, such as sell-by dates, product ingredient disclosures, point of origin information, and directions for use. Company contact information, such as a toll-free 800 number, street address and website information should also be on each label or sticker. Colors are used to create a very attractive, inviting label. Small, simple labels are fine in one color ink, but for larger spaces, do consider using full color and images on the label. A picture is truly worth 1000 words, and is a good item to include on your larger labels or stickers. Use a few primary and complementary colors and easy-to-read font styles. Take advantage of layouts provided by online printers. These are easy to work with and your result is a professional looking label or sticker. Sticker printing is good for adding comments to packaging, or to add a flash of bright color text like “New” or “Sale” to an item. Custom label printing is the answer for making your products look their best. Use on food products, bottles, cosmetic packaging, beer, wine or beverage containers, candles, CDs, medial or pharmaceutical products, water bottles, wine, sauces, or for special promotional offers. Order labels in rolls or sheets, use one to full color inks, holographic images, and finishes of matte, glossy, or weatherproof coatings. Mention if recyclable ink or paper is used for your labeling.

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